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What a 4trick!
BeastDaBest gave the Bayern München v Barcelona video a rating of 5
Valdes sucks what a terrible display.
Yes he did well, that's what happens when our greedy board forget that there is something called title. And it's not just fulfilling the pockets with money.
The thing is its not his first time that he does something stupid. Every season there is multiple occasions of him doing something terribly wrong. Hopefully thi...
BeastDaBest thought the Fulham v Arsenal match was average
Somewhere on FootyTube
Garbage display, idk why is that called a fantastic spirit we barely beat a fulham team that played 10 men for 78 mins...
They won't be ending 3rd though. prolly they finish 5th
He is by far the worst player in spuds team.
BeastDaBest gave the FC Basel v Tottenham Hotspur video a rating of 5
Great game from both sides. but whats up with all footytubes being in russian ?
2nd goal of malaga was definitely offside, 3 goal of dortmond was offside 3 times lol. Great job from both line refrees lol.
Thats why ur team is named BaleFC!
Mind the gap!
Solid performance. We will finish 3rd ABOVE spuds.
I guess luck happens once every now and then for most teams... In case of Spain luck happens so often that it's mind blowing... the game should've ended by 3 ...
How is Colombia ranked 6th in the FIFA ranking table ... I can honestly say that FIFA ranking is just not that legitimate. the way teams getting points is no...
Football is the games of chance you use them YOU'LL win otherwise loose.
6 years ago
Somewhere on FootyTube
IDK why all the MAN UTD fans are crying after that loose to MAN CITY. GO fix your team instead trying to change the rules.
Whoever wrote this article was an absolute united fan
Good point that makes more sense in comparison with Premier league that has 5 or 6 competitors each season
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