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I wouldnt say they are not playing as well. They are just not playing all out attack. It wasnt sustainable if you want to win the league. They dropped a lot of ...
4 days ago
Ballon d'or should be based off your performance for the entire year but in reality its only January-july or champions league knockouts and world cup.
1 week ago
We definitely need to get rid of our deadweight soon otherwise we will just more s**t players piled on top and will take even longer to get back to being good ...
Messi, 5th best player in the world. Also the host asked the female winner is she wanted to twerk. What a joke
We have had two managers already who knew howbto win stuff and its not working. Moyes screwed himself and by Woodward
Dont even know whats happened to him. Hes gotten so bad compared to last season. Putting on extra 10kg probably doesnt help
Out of Pogba, Lukaku, and Sanchez. Only Pogba was tier 1. Lukaku was our 3rd choice. But even under SAF towrards the end we never alway got our targets because ...
500 million 5 years ago can get you 7 Neymars. 500 million now can only get you 2 Neymars or 3 Mbappes
4 weeks ago
We gonna have Young Smalling Jones and Valencia for another 10 years
If we invested when 8-10 years ago instead of the last 4 four years we wouldnt be in this problem. In 2010 City signed Toure, Silva and various other players. W...
1 month ago
You dont like Mourinho? i would never have guessed
We won fair and square. There was no bad ref decisions that led to a goal or players been sent off. In the words of the great prophet Michael Owen. "The team t...
Mourinho should have just shown his abs
Nothing will be done about it. Its not even a surprise. Unless you believe they can generate revenue greater than the likes of Arsenal, juventus when they cant ...
This is why he works better with older players. The younger ones tend to be more soft and cant take criticism very well. Hazard himself says that he learned t...
Bailey is just a more aggressive version of jones. Hence why they both get injured often. They need someone smarter to play along side them. Otherwise they are...
2 months ago
Tactics aside. Conte had a fallen out with the players and the board by the end. He would just have the exact same problem here.
A lot of fans know the problem is the people higher up. We had the green and yellow scarfs at one point as protest against the Glazers.
In other news ronaldo is being accused of rape. What he said in his defence does not make it look good.
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