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@Kessler we might have more title winners but they are way past it or never have been as good except De gea. Wasnt Sterling one of your best players last sea...
1 month ago
^ Liverpool did the same when they beat City but it was the FA cup. But they did lose to Swansea who were bottom at the time just before that.
Too bad the only the player that can cross consistently good happens to be our target man
You need good players and a good manager to win. D.Silva, Kompany, Aguero and DeBruyne (Y.Toure before) were here before Pep and was and still is the core of Ci...
Edersons first season is day and night compare to Bravos first season.
"Madrid team is wayyyy too young and inexperienced." What? In the starting line up only one of there CB was under 25 and thats because Ramos was suspended and ...
^ its a rule thats rarely that happens in games. I only know of it from playing FIFA lol
Madrid arent though...yet. But if they do go through and reach the final they will win it. They have won there last 8 European finals
Barca Vs PSG was a better come back. Roma were the better team. just very unlucky in the first game.
Barca trying there hardest to be PSG right now
^ The problem is its not just Sanchez. Its Sanchez and Rashford.
Should be 2-0 City the goal disallowed was onside
Sky are a s**t source now. But i posted below that the guy reporting this is usually very reliable for french players
Speaking of Martial... Mohamed Bouhafsi is saying Martial is wanting to leave. This guy is usually reliable and was first to say Martial was joining us.
Funny how some "fans" here only comment when we are losing
Second half yeah. First half? i rather not see that ever again
Seems like Pep was targeting Raiola and we just happen to be caught in the crossfire. And as SIF said we would never sell to City and Liverpool let alone mid s...
The majority of the ones that dont like Mourinho now never liked him and will never like him no matter what he do
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