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If we didn't want to be in the EU in the future we could have just voted again like with the Scottish referendum. But now there's no turning back and we are stu...
2 days ago
FIFA Article 19: International transfers can't be completed until players turns 18. For transfers within EU or EEA, age criteria is reduced to 16. Losing the A...
3 days ago
I voted to stay in UK last time. that wont be happening this time. what was surprising is Wales voted to leave even though apparrently they benifit a lot from...
I really hate that word. Brexit
^ they have a very easy run to get to the final compare to the favourites who have to all play each other One half of the table Has won 0 world cups and 0 Euro...
So we have England, Wales Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland going through to knockout stages...meanwhile Scotland
4 days ago
The ref didn't even bother with added time lol
1 week ago
Looks like the only thing thats coming home is england fans
Mourinho might not be the "united" way of playing football but are last two managers were definitely not
Still think it's a bit too early to upgrade to 4k.
This Belgium team reminds me of Englands golden generation, team of good players but play like crap
^ most likely
Outside foot man is too inconsistent
Here is his secret
2 weeks ago
Just found out england has never won an opening of the euros. wish i knew that before i placed a bet
Its what happens when half the team are made of spurs players. they just know how to bottle it
O s**t waddap payet at it again
Cavani the Uruguayan Higuain
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7 months ago
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11 months ago
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