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Pretty much what bluffmaster said but you shouldnt compare it to Luiz's price. he was well overpaid
I dont think anyone doubts balotellis ability. just his behavior on and off the pitch is a big problem
We dont need balotelli anyway. we need A MIDFIELDER, defender and a winger
2 days ago
Just woke up and almost had a heart attack. thought it said on skysports "Man United land Marco Reus" but it was just was Marcos Rojos :(
The comment section is always funny in these videos of the ALS challenges
But dunga did a pretty crap job in 2010 with brazil. surprised he got the job back.
3 days ago
Cech is too good to sit on the bench. And I don't think he would want to stay benched when he can walk into most teams out there.
Better than Fred and Jo. cant forget Jo
Well this escalated quickly
4 days ago
Rafa wasnt really sacked. he just didnt get the job permanently. if this was another club moyes would of been gone within the first half of the season.
@sif we couldnt beat soton either. who finished below us. stoke and newcastle who finished 9th and 10th we could only beat them both once and lose to them as we...
I gambled with nasri instead of silva, backfired completely. buti had sterling so i have that going for me which is nice
5 days ago
Im pretty sure liverpool has a better record without suarez
We need to bring in better players before we can sell
6 days ago
But herrera was someone who we should of got at the start of last season.
1 week ago
Dunno about being fit or not this recent world cup but he didnt do anything in 2010 either
^^ nope cause its been removed huehuehue and dunno why one of the recommeneded videos on it is if cristano ronaldo is gay
^ im considering it 5.5 is pretty cheap if hes going to play most games
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