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5 years ago
Javi was a monster. 40 million euros performance. for all those who still havent seen what he gives to the team.
Your pc game allegory is pure class. i will use that :)
Attack from center -> bad idea against a team playing with 3 CDs und 3 CMs... Shoot from Distance -> Yeah. Maybe Buffon would have let it bounce to, lets say, ...
No its just the opposite zizou. bayern will become stronger and stronger in the future cos they wont have to sell their silverwareplayers like your beloved mila...
We dont need to win the lottery and score 9 against buffon. we need to score one. neuer will do the rest if we dont allow pirlo to take too many set pieces.
Ask Buffon or Casillas whos the best beside themselves and they will name Neuer. Not only because hes a monster on the line but because he is clearly the best f...
Nobody hates Toni Kroos. Not even the opponents supporters i guess. He is on his way to pure worldclass and in my opinion his little lack of pace is compensated...
People dont hate schalke. only dortmund fans do. people hate hoffenheim because dietmar hopp, a billionaire raised around hoffenheim, bought their way up into ...
Made my day, jellyz :D
He isnt serious jason. he is also right. thumps up
6 years ago
Messi isn`t a sttehriker in oldfashioned way. same for cristiano ronaldo in my opinion. they are both more kind of winger or offensive midfielder i guess. talki...
1. Neuer 2. Casillas 3. Adler 4. Reina 5. Hart 6. Cech 7. Buffon 8. De Gea 9. Lloris 10.Gomes
Pffff.... Take Real and Barca out of that "great" league and what remains? A 18 club league that would get raped by EPL, Bundesliga and even by Serie A and the ...
7 years ago
Neuer, Adler, Wiese, Weidenfeller, Kraft, Rost, in former years Kahn, Lehmann.... I totally agree that Spain got fabalous keepers by now, especially Casillas u...
"Maybe you should look at yourselves." - No. Probably you should. "A player, who plays for Ghana, who was born in Ghana, is classified as 100% German???!!! Is ...
First of all: "We" invented the game is a foolish comment although its historical correct. And yes your ranked on 6th position but I guess "we" are second at th...
Wrong window. sorry
"protecting pride"? in germany we try to avoid termini like this... i basicly agree with dortmund that sarpei and matip are germans. but when it comes to footb...
I cant understand why you english guys, especially liverpool, arsenal and chelseafans, are on bayerns side. if leverkusen, hamburg, schalke or any other german ...
8 years ago
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