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Just wondering, ive been to barcelona. Great city, never saw fcb play though.
2 years ago
Ilikeairports, eres de catalunya?
Miracle save LOL
Barca lol, cmon man get real
Honestly, bobbycule, tu no sabes nada de futbol, tu eres un asco! Far superior... you must be joking, are you catalan? creo que no, your a glory hunter be hones...
I hope your team smashes barcelona but we all remember what happened in 09, Drogba said it best-"It's a digrace, a f*****g disgrace!"
Classic barcelona bullshit... Every time the ball hit a Milan player's chest it was screams of handball followed by sad stares at the referee, over dramatic fal...
What a goal, end of story.
Somewhere on FootyTube
It's interesting to see that more people care about Suarez's season than the overall well being of the game. Remember, he brought this on himself and racism sho...
22/11/2011 Real Madrid 6 - Dinamo Zagreb 2 Does that scoreline look familiar? Hilarious! Not to mention coming into the game Sevilla had conceded less goals tha...
Yes, Mexican commentators. In my opinion some of the most enthusiastic around. To everyone calling them annoying don't watch or mute it. Wish we could see Donov...
Tim Howard is a monster!
3 years ago
Good Call, I also look forward to watching Chicharito play in the Champions League again. Do you think he will be a starting player anytime soon? I've only seen...
Whether Arsenal win at Camp Nou or not is an entirely different subject. Tonight they played to win, every player was team oriented and did the best they could ...
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