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AgueroCity - Yes,Just like 0 trophies and 100's of excuses after spending 200m is not enough.
22 hours ago
Lol! why are you chelsea fan even wasting time explaining to this troll? Who was last season after city signed Pep and splashed 200m.
"Conte is real bad at managing players. No wonder that Matic's form dropped terribly last season, he seems to be the kind of player who would 110% for the manag...
Yaldho -Good try...but united fans lost the right of using $ when they spend 700m in just 5 transfer window and finished 6th with most expensive squad in footba...
Bear - "This post is more for Chelsea fans than United fans." I hope this answers your point. I have clearly said United fans have every right talk what they wa...
Whats with United fans trying to making Conte the criminal who banishing Matic and Costa who both were main Chelsea won 2 title. They will do anything and eve...
1 day ago
"At Chelsea he was asked to train alone. Conte also banished a player like Costa" Better not talk when you dont know about something. I know you guys are too ...
Alonso is good...only problem is his pace against good teams
2 days ago
Paulinho is ok..but the fee you guys paid is insane for 29 year old
I like him..35m get it done
Yaldho - Over rated means he is not someone irreplaceable...Morata can reach his level playing two full seasons as starters. I would rather win nothing 2 seaso...
He was beast that year..I remember when we went to city and won 1-0 dominating them over 90min. But after that Barnes red card it all went down the hill for so...
What are you even talking bro..this is not FIFA to get along with an assh*le who is trying to leave and blackmail the club every 6 months. 1st understand that ...
Lol wanted to sign a contract? Moron pushed for a move to AM even last summer and failed because we dint agree to. I will be happy to see him rot with reserves...
I agree with Liqui...I think we all knew fixture since very long. I hope things can turnaround in next 2 weeks.
Same pundits said United/City for title last season....they go by signings and managers to make prediction which is understandable. I think we will know fav. a...
3 days ago
I dint say we cant win...Im saying things dont look good for now resting my hopes on Conte. Between we have been champions in 2 out of last 3 season. So, its ...
I know its just a beginning. But from 1st game here what i feel. City & United majore title fav. with Spurs outside fav. I think Arsenal , Pool and Chelsea ar...
Yes he is a good short term solution for united...No doubt.
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