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No1CheLseA - Unfortunately many do not get it..Not the 1st time someone is blaming Conte and playing Costa the innocent game. Infact many were venting at Conte ...
11 hours ago
^ The Season when we won CL is when we parked Bus against Barca and even in the finals because that team was not good enough to win going against teams like Bar...
12 hours ago
Player of the year will be someone from Mancity team...I'm 100% certain unless Salah score 35 goals and helps Liverpool finish 2nd atleast.
Dude please confess that your a Brazilian who is a very very very very close family friend of Willian and maybe Costa. Because only deluded Costa fan can mak...
Yaldho - I understand that Jose and Klopp is not even a debate and i was surprised as you are when some actually did place him above. Anyways my point is very ...
16 hours ago
What Rooney achieved being a English player is remarkable. I follow lot of different sports and its very easy to notice how talented English players win someth...
17 hours ago
I honestly remember a long thread on this page discussing about Top-3 managers in the world and who united pick to replace Moyze. and great majority placed Klop...
PSG is not a selling club Moe...Imo no way they will sell them and even if they do not for less than 375m they spent on both.
18 hours ago
Pedro will be 31 next season and Willian 30....I think both will accept bench role to come as Sub's if we are challenging for title. If we can afford Sub's lik...
2nd in the league , FA cup , Beat Barca , Get Hazard , Conte to sign contract I'm very very happy
^Inspite of that we have 11 wins compare to 9/8 wins for other challengers for top-4 spot.
2 days ago
Maybe for the 1st team in my 6/7 year on Footy i have seen Arsenal forum with "0" comments before and after a PL game...Did you guys forget about the game today...
Lol just that Bournemouth had 7 shots on target to United's 2...have to check highlights to see if they really played that good
How is steeling 2 from Arsenal helping United...its not like they are fighting for title or 2nd place
Considering how poor Liverpool and Arsenal are it would be crime if we dont finish in Top-4
Completely agreed...Can't expect us to win league year after year when 5 big clubs are spending more or some as much as us season after season to improve squad ...
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