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Well talking about decline....Ozil? what a waste of space in a team for years giving surprise performance few time in a year to keep fans going. And on top of t...
2 days ago
Ok got it make sense since you guys are talk about 2005-2014ish and i'm talk about post 2014. Shows how great SAF was in getting results out of nothing...
3 days ago
Yaldho - You tell topic is has nothing to do we net spending and next line you tell club is suffering from lack of investment..Yes, i'm anti Jose which i openly...
1st you guys need is a progressive manager like Pep or Klopp or who every available to sign right players and work on long term success and stability rather tha...
"Man Utd have spent similar amounts and dont have the depth of quality they have" lol! Exactly..He will come up with stories in every interview after united lo...
4 days ago
I actually watched full game and non of the goals were his mistake...Infact if not for him it could have been 3-0 or 4-0. If you complaining about his ball pla...
Anyways just because Liecester city spent more than United in 1 season out of maybe 25...does not make then equal or as good as United obviously. Its just a dig...
6 days ago
Mateokovacic8 "After three years filled with trophies I have decided to move on. Eventhough are paths now separate I want to say big thank you to Real Madrid fa...
Vaaz - Looks like Leicester have spent more only because they sold best player and reinvested all 60m in the market....If anything Leicester have weekend by sel...
FootballisCity - if you want i can pick last 15 years and still City will be on top when it comes to Net spending over last 15 years. But again you have this bo...
FootballisCity - Please see that 2018 stats posted by Fxate...congratulations City top the spending window 3 times out of last 4 seasons. Now come-up with ne...
Lukaku just did a Morata...cant get better sitter than that
Penalty for united in! And Pogba does not even raise his harm to celebrate his 1st goal of the season...interesting
Michy wont accept 3rd striker ofcours he had to go on loan. As much as we think Michy should bench Morata...All that matters is what mangers thinks.L...
1 week ago
Baily & Lindelof CB combo is actually not average at all. Is Baily injured again ? As per stats United have best defense in the league over last 3 seasons con...
2017 - over 1.4 billion was spent in total. With Premier League’s highest spending clubs Manchester City (£220m) 2016 - over 1.2 billion was spent in total....
Midfield missing goal scoring threat? I think midfield is suppose to do all the hard work and let Hazard , Willian and Morata score
Like i said i will share my can rant on some instant messenger about how City spend very well and others are inflating the marked....Because that is a...
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