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Zilch wrote in On Bazingas wall
If it comes to that then so be it, you don't have to mention the users name, merely the fact that you read it on "such and such forum". It's against the rules o...
21 minutes ago
Raylan - I understand that your a Chelsea MOD now...Congrats and good luck. Can you please delete my account or remove my access to comment on forums from now...
1 hour ago
Zlich - I dint even mention his name and also never took a dig at his club...All i did was "Tell our fans how much people use our success stories to cover their...
It seems we had this discussion just a little while ago. Bringing up your past comment history shows a pattern that you'd do well to stop. As per "Twatenham R...
3 hours ago
Thank you Blues..I'm proud to be a blue. Trust me was have one of the best forum on footy along with city and to an extent united...atleast since last couple o...
9 hours ago
Kbg - Please read all my posts and let me know if i was rude or trying to make a point....sorry KBG, but its incredible how much sh*t people speak about our clu...
10 hours ago
Zlich - I'm not saying im right and your wrong..all i did was answer to the questions to give my opinion. please read the comments carefullly before calling ar...
Question - Can you please tell me how a person to should decide which club he should support..because nobody is born with club name sealed on there head. so if...
LOL!! yes ofcourse not everyone can be die hard fan bro...yes if Middlesborough were doing well...i might be supporting them because thhat is not a crime right?...
11 hours ago
Wow thats a long post Zlich..It took me some time to digest everything :) Here is my opinion. I started of supporting Chelsea only because i started following ...
12 hours ago
But who will you bench for Khedira ?? Matic , Cesc and Ramires are doing good enough to hold the spots. Unless we decide to use Matic - Khedira for pivot and C...
19 hours ago
Dont know why..But, I feel its going to be a cagey game on sunda...good luck and let the best team win :D
MUFC1990 - Yeah, but in professional world nobody will do favor's for free...LVG must be having some plans for him considering Lindegaard (30) is also not any y...
20 hours ago
I just read this line from a guys on gunner forum trying to protect wenger - "The real culprit is Chelsea, Man city, PSG..all those big money clubs who have bul...
StageFright1203- Sorry mate..I was only trying to make a point, ok going back now.
Petergooner - Like you dont understand or accept fans point fingers towards wenger mistake and failure over last decade...there will be time when fans will not ...
I think its safe to say he wont play on sunday..there is only 0.001% chances of him recovering from both hamstring and virus issue in just couple of days...So D...
"Valdes, a free agent, will have his recovery supervised by the United medical staff before training with the first team, as he bids to regain full fitness." H...
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