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Yeah... u r right. I was not thinking properly out of excitement. Love to see Everton making through to CL next year.
Atletico and Bayern through to semifinals.. Barca and Man U see u next year
What a game by Dortmund. Dortmund is always better than Real with their fit squad. Real is very lucky to get through.
That yellow and red card to E can, i don't see any fouls. anyway, bayer played as good as psg
Joe Hart what a prick
Neither afraid of losing against these teams easily lol
@Hmohammed, u r right. @Doglampa , Nothing is wrong, was just sharing what I thought
Seems like liverpool fans wish arsenal loose against
I think he was just sharing a joke about how ManU is playing this season
Shame on u rooney what a disgraceful act
@Ants, I would say it is a lucky goal if it was scored around 90 mins time (which we've seen so many times in ManU games)
Starting at the great form this year and with Ozil in team, Arsenal is my favourite team from EPL
Messi's goal was amazing, weak defence from milan, got to watch dramas from Neymar, and best of all Pique proved once again that he is a great scorer
Thts why the highlight video is now blocked... what a shame
At this stage, i think Bayern will be able to defend their cup this year.
If you guys actually spend 1 min watching it properly again (may be wearing your glasses this time), you could see his left leg had contact with the opponents r...
Great comeback Iceland.. superb goals by Gudmundsson
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