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BayernChedr nominated Philippe Coutinho (78') for Goal of the Week
BayernChedr nominated T. Rosický (2') for Goal of the Week
If you look closely West Ham played a good match, and still got outplayed by the technical lions of the Etihad. Champions League is on notice. Highlights http...
Ozil went to Arsenal because he liked the support and nature of the club. Go wander back to the lower leagues.
Young is on fire right now!!! Just proves what he can achieve when he focuses and stops the diving practice. Olympiacos are done
Both shots were nasty, but the Young one was a Screamer. If only he tried like this more often and let go of the diving practice.
I forced myself on Abramovich
My thoughts when I saw this Sat morning. He notices Arteta runs at him and just bungles into the ground.
Work on killer SAS sh*t, haven't you heard?
Somewhere on FootyTube
Kid's a G, true baller.
VIVA ÖZIL! I still don't understand why we signed Götze over Özil, no offense to the immensely talented Götze.
This really needs video, that Joe Cole goal was incredible.
Navas, wish it was Cashri tho
F#ck all the haters, Chelsea won because they dug deep and Branislav did what he does best. Dig deep and produce. I swear all the goals that man scores are clut...
BALE!!! You'd swear he gets his boots from Smith & Wesson.
Somewhere on FootyTube
You wouldn't need yet another fresh start if you stopped mucking it up all the time. I'm sure tip top teams are apprehensive about this buy now.
5 years ago
Lewandowski is so sly on the ball right until he unleashes it is amazing to watch. Dortmund! Bayern! Bunderliga! Total Dominance!
Gotta clear that traffic in the paint Barkley style
I really love his skill and tenacity. Hoping he doesn't turn out like Suarez with too much talent and not enough sense.
Ich liebe bayern!!
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