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Time to pack the bags
6 years ago
Its an English site about English teams and maybe Barcelona...
Jack - spot on
Good game
Athletic destroyed united, simply. Its actually shame that DeGea had a such a good day.
Yo, Milanista4ever and Bboy! Take it easy lads. Why don't you just sit and enjoy the game? Cause the game was great. This website has enough paranoic, overexcit...
Mate - Milan is not able to compete financialy with Barca or Real and unfortunately we're going to witness significant drop of performance of the Italian clubs,...
Oh, is there anyone thimking that Robinho is just ridiclously crap and useless?
I'm little bit, no not by the ref's decisions or diving/fouls or other irrelevant issues, but by our performance. I'm not sure if we could have wo...
I must say that this article reflects my point of view almost entirely. It is very obvious for every football fan in the world that Messi's skill are of the bes...
Strangely, me too (obviously after ACM).
Jackie 123: I think you got carried away, a little. Leave this guy alone, let him say what he wants as long as it's not offensive towards anyone. Football is a ...
I completely afree with your first statement, actually I would never dare to argue about the corruption in football. Truth be told; it's everywhere, just like y...
Hmm, although Wizie01 certainly have not tought through what he just said, I can understand where does it come from. Obviously implying that the game was bought...
That must hurt!!! ouch
Napoli teared us apart! Quite deservedly actually, and that is sad
Abbiati was awful, like the whole team, especially midfield formation. Aquilani is not enough, we need some creative playmaker or even two... So far strings of ...
The problem with goalkeepers is, that although they're being judged harshly in most of the times, it is the consistency and errorless performance what we expect...
Finally something useful came out of Seedorf's mishit crosses:) Overall the only positive I saw was Cassano, who has improved since last season, and I really wa...
Great hesder from Aquilani-thats about it when it comes to our performance. Napoli is a great team, they kept city at their ground and now just ran over italian...
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