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4 years ago
Seen a clear replay.. It def looked intentional So in all it could have easily been a warning/yellow, which means he would have been sent off anyway...
Hat's off the At. Madrid but even a neutral would have found that game a bit difficult to watch with this ref. Wish he could have let the game flow a bit more...
I did not catch this entire game. Was there some time wasting going on that contributed to the added extra minutes because if not I think Reading were hard done...
Is it reaally asking too much that Valdez be able to cover that first goal...?
Sad to see them when it this way BUT let's be honest.. Terry would have probably buried that penalty 9/10 times some years back against united... and so in the ...
6 years ago
Thank You!
Http:// A tad bit off topic but can someone please tell me the name of these two commentators?
Martin Tyler and Guy Mowbray.. absolute chills hearing that commentary
That boy Aguero... ridiculousness and how on earth do they still let Joey Barton play after that mess....
You know it's tight when even Mourinho looks about on his knees in anguish...
That's just the way of the game. two of the goals were half assed defnding... I expect us to play better defense.. and when we don't... this is the results we s...
Seriously.. It's plain an simple.. We didn't defend well against the few chances they had and we didn't finish well enough.. You won't hear me bickering about i...
Before all the homers come in about anti-football, possession, parked buses and all that rubbish I'll keep this simple.. If You can't keep a team with less tha...
Oh and another thing I will tell you that when Torres came in... Every Barca fan was already worried.. NO matter what form that man is in.. He will always love ...
How is that a penalty you ask? FFS HE PUSHED HIM WITH BOTH FRIKIN HANDS.. are you all really that blind?
@ Wildman You weren't saying that when Barca wiped the floor with your squad in the CL final.. I don't recall refs helping out then. Do you? or was it so traum...
Milan surely didn't expect to go through playing the tortoise defense after equalizing did they? -9000% possession isn't going to go you anywhere. Were lucky ...
EDINSON.... CAVANI!! EDIIINSON.... CAVANI!!!!! EEEEEDDDIINSONN ..CAVANI!!! Love that crowd... what a match... !
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