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Yes. Dembele would be amazing on the RW, and Messi was always going to make the move deeper as age factors in. Dembele has always said he wants to come here.
1 month ago
Sorry for the late reply. I mainly got tickets through Vivagogo, although you have to wait until a couple of days before the game. Its scary but it works. It is...
2 months ago
Congrats on a deserved title, we are lucky enough to be witness to two of the best teams ever and it was a good title challenge this year. I am sure next year w...
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Lallana is way more technical, his touch is godly but more importantly his football IQ is far greater than those of Theo or Ox IMO
6 months ago
I'm sorry but niether Ox or Walcott have anywhere near as much talent as Lallana before Klopp or after.. I think what you are referring to is speed... I don't r...
Haha don't worry I was thinking of you when watching KDB, what a player. So talented, and the finish by Sterling I was not expecting that! Good to see Guardiola...
7 months ago
Sorry boys I never got back to you guys about my Clasico experience and I also watched the Champions league match a couple of days later. I had my phone stolen ...
Just got back to the hostel from the game! My first Liverpool game of my football trip! So earlier in the day I went and did the Anfield tour and at the end whe...
Also going to the Bourissa mönchengladbach game, not going to lie I'm drunk AF at the moment. Barca is a great party city... don't mean to brag but I'm so happ...
Will do! Is there a whatsapp group I can add photos to? I am so f*****g excited
Yeah the lads, just got to Barcelona! I will update you post game tomorrow!
Thanks man, I'll keep you guys posted. I have a number of big matches still to go on my euro trip. Can't wait to watch Barca!!!
8 months ago
So I've been a member for a long time now but I am not that active, rather read people's opinions than give my own. BUT TODAY.. I went to my first European foot...
Gave everything for the team, definitely a Legend.
11 months ago
3 years ago
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