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Pathetic what Song did today. If that was Barton on Song there would be shouts for his head. If people are going to constantly bring up Bartons past and use it ...
6 years ago
Schalke are in 10th and also there is only 18 teams in the Bundesliga. You couldn't be more wrong if you tried.
7 years ago
Hearts are broken at the Allianz Arena. Unlucky Bayern maybe next year. It's lucky the French don't like peas or I'd be swearing.
Well done Roma. Played well.
I can't see Schalke going into the semis, Valencias defending was awful. I'm not taking anything away from Schalke but they need to learn how to finish if they ...
Keeper probably could have done better but it was a nice hit.
Great hit.
I wouldn't exactly call that a good finish, but well done AC.
Would have been nice to see Orient make more of a game out of it, well infact watching Arsenal win pains me, I likee to see the goals is all.
Dzeko has his scoring boots on then? 2 nicely finished goals. Now produce this in the Premiership.
Unlucky Spurs, the pitch was awful and you could have easily been up 6 or 7. But hey that's football and you didn't score so you lost. Great win for Blackpool.
Great video!!
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