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4 years ago
This got to be Arsenals worst season and signings by far. And Tottenham game is getting sexier every time, and Bale dear God.....
5 years ago
Who gives a damn if they can not write or speak english properly. This is football dummy. We're not in a english class or even in a 6h essay. And we support the...
Geeez, we are really a jokel, just clowns to the football community.
This is totally BS, the kid was looking for trouble rather than doing his job.
Thank god they use vuvuzela only in Africa, such a nuisance.
No, for North America it's soccer and for the rest of the World it's football. Football not soccer.
Tottenham's game is getting sexier and sexier. Putting a lot of heart and commitment in each game. Great result. Plus AVB is doing very well. Kudos fellas.
Well I'm surprised that Diaby isn't injured ^^
Actually yes. Torres is in the top ten best strikers, in my opinion. But today or even for the last two years or more, something is not right in his head. And S...
It does not take two years to regain your form, the appetite for goals or even your confidence. I observed that he's better at bitchin' and doing long faces whe...
My worst fears had come true, Torres is a Shevchenko. He's useless and a waist of money and time, he must leave this summer.
1723 Arsenal Fans were mad.
Nothing alarming, the two MU games are far more important
Great game by Arsenal, keep on the good work. And Liverpool, well I'm speechless, I hope you boys wake up. This is going to be very interesting season.
6 years ago
Dear Santa, I want Mr Robbert Di Matteo to be our full time manager.
You guys and with your luck factor makes me laugh so hard. So if it was pure luck as always, why with 72% of possession, 20 shots with 5 on target for 90 + 4 mi...
And this is why we need the video, again and again for the fouls and the hawk-eye technology for the goal line. →
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