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Idk about you guys, but I think we should buy Rafael, and call Scholesy back from retirement and bench Pogba just for the LOLs.
1 week ago
Yeah it's definitely not real lol, although they're probably saying what everyone's thinking, eh Tomi :P
Balotelli can go to hell lol. Overrated as hell, and he's known to constantly insult us. I for one am enjoying seeing his career crash and burn. No team wants h...
I can't watch it on Fridays :( Gonna miss Pogba's return debut game.
I've honestly been saying since LvG's first season that Fellainho is a good player if we use him for what he's good for, and not out of position. He is excelle...
Lol if anyone got Pogba, they'd be celebrating like crazy as well. Plus United hasn't been doing great since Fergie retired, so i think you can understand our h...
2 weeks ago
Guess who's back?
Honestly, the market has gone nuts. Higuain going for 80m, Sterling for 50m, etc. 100m is a ton of money, but Pogba is one of THE very best players of the new g...
@Franky, no need to personally attack someone for sharing their opinion mate. I don't personally see anything offensive with Dan's first comment, it was his opi...
Mata is 5'6 and Leicester were throwing everyone at us with their crosses, long throws and corners. I think it was a good decision to take off Mata. Plus, it ga...
LOL Valencia's smile as he was putting on the armband made my day :')
The Dab Professor does it again at Wembley!
I'm 100% sure that Pogba is done. I'm willing to bet anything on it. It's taking a little longer to finalize, but it will eventually, I'm guessing in a week or ...
3 weeks ago
But... But... Possession :(
Memphis playing with confidence. That's great to see!
This Zlatan guy isn't half bad if you ask me.
Didn't you guys buy Sterling a couple of years before he left?
1 month ago
Is it just me or does Mourinho look totally and utterly miserable in all of his conferences so far? Lol Seriously pumped for Zlatan, Bailly and Mkhitaryan. Tha...
Err Tomi, last time I checked, Higuain was an incredible striker mate ;) But I agree, Messi is out of this world.
2 months ago
Hummels is a snake. I was reading some of his quotes and it was almost like he was trying to say that he had no other choice but to join Bayern, as no other tea...
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