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Http:// I'm sorry pogba please come back! Probably nobody out there I'd want us to sign m...
19 hours ago
Hola! HNY! Would it be possible now for you mods to take me off the monitor list please? Thanks a lot!
3 days ago
I call dibs on Irina!
4 days ago
We're the 99 percent!
5 days ago
I blame that Leicester game tbh. I think that's the reason why we not longer play the 4-1-2-1-2 anymore. And under that formation, Angel was sensational. He jus...
You sweaty bastard! :P
6 days ago
Http:// I think this should work guys. I'm on mobile so I can't open in. The Utd analysis...
Lederp you're making the rest of us mods look bad made :P this is awesome!
1 week ago
Uhhhh yes.... sarcasm... yeah I was being sarcastic. Lol I think I drank a little too much last night!
I love DDG but let's be real, 50m+the most expensive player of all time would be an amazing deal lol How do they even come up with rumours that ridiculous?
How does a team with Falcao, Di Maria, Rooney, Mata etc struggle so damn bad to play decent attacking football? We dont deserve to qualify for CL at this rate.
I'm with SIF on this one. Saying he's a great striker is one thing, saying he'd start in any top European teams is just not true imho. Based on current form, i...
I'd love to see him back in form. He's been through a lot lately. It's funny, he used to be Simeone's captain not long ago and now Simeone bought him and is his...
Couldn't agree with you more on that one Jason. Di Maria is in my opinion the best player in the league and top 2-3 in the world for his proper position. Why he...
Pogba is probably taking lessons from Vidal on how to tease us, lol I'd take Pogba back in a heartbeat though, I'd much rather spend 50m on pogba than 40m on F...
Traoré wasnt a good player by any means but I remember him playing his ass off during that final! Players like Torres are far luckier to have won the CL imo
Negredo had a tough time adapting to England from what I've heard, he wanted to return to spain
I actually am pretty happy we never got him. I love watching him play, but damn is he annoying. He has pretty much the most punchable fave ever and has such a h...
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