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@Ankitarora, what? No, Norris plays as a striker, we already have enough of those as it is.
2 hours ago
60 million pounds. Holy crap that's a LOT of money...
Lol yeah that must be the one :P I was told Keith Richards said it. Then again, with the internet, you really can't tell who said what
LOL what a legend! Reminds me of that quote that went "I spent 90% of my money on women and alcohol. The other 10% I wasted" I don't know who said it though
5 hours ago
Varane, Xabi and Mats are unrealistic tbh, but even Scholes admits that landing them would probably never happen. He's just using them as examples of players we...
7 hours ago
Ideally we'd want 3 more. At least one more CB, one CM, and a winger. Realistically I see us breaking the bank for one player and that's it. It's too late to b...
9 hours ago
I feel like Rodgers will get the best out of him. He's a good player but needs someone to make him get his s**t together. He's a good striker and LFC was in de...
Http:// It's on BBC too. Must be somewhat true. Aren't Monaco after him? I feel like a sugar daddy club will buy him.
18 hours ago
Meatballs, on the contrary, I LIKE Giroud because of his model looks ;)
19 hours ago
Kid asks Carragher if he ever got bitten by Luis Suarez LMAO
I don't know if this has been posted here before, but I recommend everyone to read this article. Especially those who are hooked on the transfer rumours. http:...
21 hours ago
Good for him! Nani is a good player who's going through a horrible phase due to injuries, and mostly to lack of confidence. His stay in Lisbon hopefully will re...
Apparently Scholesy is going to release a brutal article about the Utd situation on tomorrow's column. T...
It's all good my friend. With all these trolls these days it's hard to say who's asking a serious genuine question and who's trying to take the piss, you know
Mate no offense but why do you keep asking this pogba question? You know we all hate that we lost him, do you enjoy hearing us say it? Or do you want us to say ...
Colleen Rooney's one had me in tears!! Wayne doesn't have time for your bs, Colleen! LOL
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