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Hummels is too slow/not sweaty enough for FIFA :p I recently started my career mode with United (still in 1st season). This is my team DDG Rafael-Jones-Rojo-Sh...
1 hour ago
Mate how many times will you tell us you think he's overrated? You can't force your opinions on others. You can easily count for DDG because our defense is abs...
2 hours ago
@Bazinga, I think Shiwa ranked them in order of who he'd prefer to see at the club. And most people from most clubs would agree that they'd rather have Klopp th...
It wasn't as much as we wanted Moyes over Mourinho, but rather we just didn't want Mou to ever manage United. That was my feeling anyway and I stand by it to th...
4 hours ago
Basically wishful thinking on my end, I just want a foreign team to take aguero far away from the PL so he stops playing so well for City :p
7 hours ago
@Troubletonight, I get it, you think Ronaldo (or Penaldo/Tapinaldo like you called him on the Barca forum) can only score from penalties. You said it 3 times i...
8 hours ago
I could see Real getting him. Benzema is great but he isn't a superstar like Aguero
Dayum Chelsea, you scary! Congrats on the win! :)
Lmao Peter I love Nani too bro, but he's nowhere near as good as Di Maria. Other than having a much better weak foot, I can't think of any department where Nan...
Aguero = legend!
Holy crap! Aguero 3 - Bayern Munich 2!! Hats off Aguero, hats off! Huge mistakes by Bayern on the 2 last goals but full credit to the Argentine!
Nani with yet another CL goal. 4 goals in 5 games.
9 hours ago
Man, I wanted to catch the Barca game, but I'm watching the Bayern-City game instead. "Boring" Pep down to ten men yet still dominating away to City. Just saw ...
Xaaabi Alonsoo! What a cheeky free-kick! Man that guy is pure class. 1-1. Bayern looking like the better team even with 10 men. Edit: 2-1 Bayern Munich! What a...
10 hours ago
What kind of sorcery is this? :P
Red card for Benatia and penalty for City! 100% clear penalty.
He scored too
Back home the CL games used to start at 1-2am. I was a kid back then but I remember being in school the next day after CL games and half the class would be slee...
11 hours ago
- Sanchez :"¿Amigo, Por qué no me hablas?" - Kos (thinking): "Ah ffs, how many times do I need to tell him I don't understand Spanish??" P.S. Shoutout to Goo...
12 hours ago
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