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Or watch him bring LFC back to where they once were. He's one of the best managers in Europe. Few managers have as much passion as he does, he'll be adored by t...
7 hours ago
Surajloks, you Sir have earned my thumbs up.
4 days ago
Haha no worries my friend. There's a reason why I stay away from FB, Twitter and Youtube. Lots of idiots and trolls out there!
^Isn't it obvious that I was joking mate? :)
I don't think we were even the better team in the 2nd half. Arsenal did exactly what they had to do. Just because we had the ball in their half doesn't mean we ...
I think this has to be addressed: The reason why United lost today was because the refs are scared to give Manchester United penalties. When you are top, you wa...
I can see Klopp taking over. All jokes aside, nobody can deny that Liverpool is a massive club. Klopp could turn this team around, especially if the board allow...
No he's not going to open up defenses with his passing, because that's not what he does. What he can do is hold up play, win aerial battles, score goals and he ...
No offense taken, you're saying what we're all thinking. In times like these, I really miss players like ADM. We need players who can run at their players and ...
Dominated and outplayed in literally every single way. Well played guys. Well deserved 3-0 win! See you at Old Trafford!
In practically every single BPL game I watch I hear players say that to the ref.
I agree. You guys easily could've scored 4 more goals today, without any exaggeration. Had we finished our 2 decent chances (Martial and Bastian), those misses ...
I haven't seen any trolling on the Utd forum so far. If you guys see anything, instead of replying, just report the comment and we'll take care of it!
Did you watch the second half? Fellaini was good. And he has consistently been one of our best players last year. He completely manhandled Cesc and Matic, and h...
Much better in the second half, but the damage was already done. Had we finished our couple of concrete chances (Martial and Bastian), this could have ended dif...
Herrera should come on
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