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I switch between FUT and seasons. I enjoy seasons more now tbh, I find it way more fun. I also play Co-op seasons with my brother. It's so much fun! We were nu...
44 minutes ago
@Liquidator, come on mate, most United fans aren't even saying that.. we all know Courtois is the better goalie. De Gea is currently getting more chances to sh...
10 hours ago
@Bavaria: Okay mate. Fair enough. Good talk.
I'm not denying St1or. Messi's injury was arguably the biggest reason why Ronaldo temporarily seemed to move to #1. He was on fire before then and has taken som...
11 hours ago
I'm with St1or on this one. I'm not the biggest fan of FIFA 15 in all honesty, but man did FIFA 14 suck. Being in d1, all you faced was Benteke/Eto'o with Navas...
So that's how Felli's been getting his super powers lately! He's been using his magical afro to steal it from Falcao and Herrera! This also explains why these t...
@Marco, I don't really know to be honest. In all honesty, I do think Neuer is a remarkable GK. I don't mean to take anything away from him, but Bayern is just a...
@Jeroen, of course we love Ronaldo. Just like how Arsenal fans still loved Henry when he played for you guys. But I'm not an idiot. If someone has a better seas...
What does being a United fan have to do with anything?! Please stop judging people like that, it gets really annoying. This is the second or third time I've see...
12 hours ago
"Maybe the Man United Twitter account can pay attention" LOL! I love this man!
13 hours ago
Http:// Seems like Wenger wou...
Guys I don't mean to be a buzz kill but can we please leave the talks about religion, politics, etc. off of Footytube? There are lots of places on the internet ...
With all due respect to him, I really don`t think Neuer is equally worthy of winning the Ballon d'or as Ronaldo or Messi, or even Robben.
14 hours ago
Oh right I forgot about James going on loan. @Theatreofdreams, luckily he isn't out for a year mate. I think we'll hopefully see him back in early January. But ...
Lmao it's like that one teammate we all have in indoor football who tries to do it all by himself. For every goal he scores like that, he misses 9. Same applies...
Lmao I was thinking about who can play as LB. There's Rojo (Injured), Evans (injured), Blind (injured), even Reece James is freaking injured. Who else, Blackett...
Dammit SIF won't you tell us who you're talking about? Always so mysterious! Fine I'll open your links :p
Lol I remember arguing with you about this one SIF during the summer. I really wanted vermaelen. Thank God we didn't end up getting him !
1 day ago
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