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I think out squad is better than we give it credit for. We have a lot of players that are still in their first seasons with the team, let alone the league. On p...
6 hours ago
Di Marzio is very trustworthy. He called that we'd get Mourinho for months now (he basically guaranteed it). He words his posts very carefully though so you hav...
Looks like Memphis did not make the FA Cup final squad. I agree that he hasn't been great this season, but this is going to be awful for his confidence..
6 days ago
If we win by more than 2 goals, I'll be pleasantly surprised.
1 week ago
It seems like the club is trying to get LvG to leave on amicable terms. We've already made it this far, they won't sack him now. Personally, I have little to no...
Looks like we're fielding our strongest team... I don't know why, given the final is just around the corner. If someone picks up an injury, it'll really suck.
That's a penalty!
3 weeks ago
Antoine Martial I think his name is? I'm not sure, last time I checked, he was this overhyped French kid that we bought as a panic buy. Turns out he isn't too ...
1 month ago
So... Turns out this Martial guy is pretty good, huh?
Lol Atkinson.
5 months ago
How lucky can they get? Damn.
We look like a completely different team with Bastian - Schneiderlin- Herrera in midfield. Playing really well so far.
I'm almost certain he'll join City. It's okay though, I remember half the users on this forum laughing when I said I wanted Pep since he's apparently overrated....
Didn't forget someone from that list, SIF? Hint, he shits of Fabregas :p
RvP has a reputation for being a prick. He's an experienced player and was the national captain, he shouldn't have reacted that way. Memphis defended himself, ...
I really want to see Memphis develop, but you're absolutely right. Young SHOULD start. He was easily one of our best players last year, and the few times he's p...
Lol I don't bother reading those. Bastian has been pure class since he joined us, and he's pretty much been playing 60+ minutes in every game. I wonder how he...
Fully agree man, the PSV game is what cost us the qualification imo. I don't think winning the league is out of reach. Given how every top team seems to be off...
Rooney in my opinion IS a good captain. He's off form at the moment, but the guy is as passionate as it gets. No matter what his form is, he fights and gives h...
To be fair, he did severely underperform in some of the games in his first season and cost us several vital points that lead to us losing the title to City. It ...
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