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Don't have my superpowers just yet! :(
12 hours ago
Woo! Glad to hear you've accepted!
LOL i was hoping it'd go unnoticed, thanks for pointing it out man :P
14 hours ago
I apologise for bad behaviour.. Dont take it personally. I was quite pumped coz of the game.. Didn't realise what I said, never meant it.. Peace brother.
"Remember me Stevie?"
15 hours ago
Ouuuuhh big words. Well done umairrockx you sure showed us!
16 hours ago
Lol! Welcome to modhood Badge :)
17 hours ago
Well they wanted CL football, lol. This could get ugly, but this Liverpool squad is still very young and inexperienced in Europe. Expecting then to beat the CL...
Calma, Ronaldo is here.
Why not both? ;)
18 hours ago
Penalties are never easy, unless your team is comfortably winning in an unimportant game. It's a lot of pressure and even the best players miss it sometimes, th...
19 hours ago
I may be wrong, but often times stats count getting fouled for a pen as an assist if it goes in, no?
23 hours ago
I'm only noticing this now, but Neymar's goal to game ratio is almost one to one this season right? Looks like he's adapting to the team quickly. I feel like he...
Shouldn't be long now mate, jump on the mod forum and say hi when your transformation is complete :D
To me, Costa's injury seems as suspicious as his age. Not buying it one bit
I was enjoying the game, until you just made me remember.. I have De Sanctis in my DF. Well... crap.
1 day ago
I really want to see Falcao playing as a lone striker at one point or another. That magical season he had at Atletico where he got a goal per game, he played th...
Roma scored 1 just to piss me off and take that DF clean sheet away from my team! So selfish of them. Edit: @ManUk, speaking of 7-1... lol
Sigh of course Roma had to score one :( I mean, you're gonna lose the game anyway, no need to be pricks and score just to take that clean sheet away from my DF ...
Make that 4!
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