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14 hours ago
Congrats on signing Cech! Amazing GK, and really classy player all around. I have a feeling he'll be to you what VDS was to us.
22 hours ago
Gotta say, I'm pretty jealous of Arsenal for getting Cech. One of my favourite GKs ever, and dirt cheap for a player of his quality. They're gonna be a solid si...
^Every now and then he'll score a screamer and everyone will say Utd messed up by letting him go, but I really don't see us regretting this one tbh. I'm actuall...
2 days ago
"Beat you to Firminho", lmao we never even made a single offer for him but sure
Schneiderlein over Schweini for me too. We're building a squad that should be able to play alongside each other for a long time. There aren't many mids in the w...
Nani was on a fat, lengthy contract. I like the guy but he hasn't done much in his last two seasons where he played for us. It's time to move on. No other team...
3 days ago
Sure, but you can't expect us to be "grateful" when you're making £15m pound offers for the 2nd best GK in the world. In all honesty, the money means next to n...
Apparently we're getting close to signing Schneiderlein. Would be a fantastic addition to the squad imo. Consistently one of the best mids in the league for the...
Real Madrid are the ones who should be more grateful. We have you far better players in the past. Some of the offers made by RM for DDG are hilarious and slight...
Aditya got called out by both Rio and falcao for his amazing tributes for them. His videos always give me chills.
1 week ago
Why not both? :p By the sounds of it, if legit, the schweinsteiger rumours all claim he wouldn't cost much, and neither would Gundogan. Schweinsteiger is one of...
Not disagreeing with you Wenrooney, but firminho has had two consecutive amazing seasons with an impressive amount of goals andasists
2 weeks ago
Whoops sorry mate, completely missed that reference! I knew something was up, you'reone of the nicest guys on the forum. My apologies :)
Falcao already left. Chicha is likely to leave too. RvP might stay depending on whether he's okay with playing a slightly less important role in the squad next ...
It gets like this every summer. The forum just goes super quiet because there really isn't much to talk about.
We can't compare DDG to ADM, of even Sterling. There's one year left on his contract. @ player like DDG in this market is worth around £40-50m I'd say. But we...
Casillas is well past it though and a team aiming to,be the best in Europe and Spain next year can't compete with him as their #1 GK. RM need DDG and they need ...
I agree that we helped DDG grow a lot and supported him during his first season where he struggled, but let's not get too carried away here. At the age of 18, ...
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