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Haha that's priceless
9 minutes ago
What did he do this time? Was it worse than his punch on Mario a week back?
2 hours ago
"Hi, the fans and followers of Man Utd desperately want Angel to join us, we want you here. I'm sorry my spanish is bad, I live in Manchester, England and here ...
3 hours ago
Too late SIF. I already got my hopes up. And RM had both him and khedira's names on the squad for the final tonight on their of...
5 hours ago
Using Luiz as comparison will make any transfer fee look underwhelming. Luiz is not worth 50m, PSG massively overpaid. But yeah, 10m for one of the best GKs in...
8 hours ago
I wouldn't like to see Welbeck leave, but if he is leaving, maybe LVG is making space for better attacking players
Ohhhhhhhh I get it!! Because we were supposedly after those guys and we didn't get them! Ahhhhhh yeah that's... that's just hilarious. Edit: that was supposed ...
9 hours ago
Ando time.
So we basically have the same squad as last year minus Vidic, Rio, Evra, Buttner, Giggs and Nani. Cool.
That smug "watch this space" comment is gonna make him look like a massive twat if we don't end up getting anyone else by the end of the summer.
20 hours ago
@TheatreOfDreams, what I think Ldinho is saying is that if we get Di Maria, we probably won't have money left to go for the positions where we more desperately ...
23 hours ago
@Ankitarora, what? No, Norris plays as a striker, we already have enough of those as it is.
1 day ago
60 million pounds. Holy crap that's a LOT of money...
Lol yeah that must be the one :P I was told Keith Richards said it. Then again, with the internet, you really can't tell who said what
LOL what a legend! Reminds me of that quote that went "I spent 90% of my money on women and alcohol. The other 10% I wasted" I don't know who said it though
Varane, Xabi and Mats are unrealistic tbh, but even Scholes admits that landing them would probably never happen. He's just using them as examples of players we...
Ideally we'd want 3 more. At least one more CB, one CM, and a winger. Realistically I see us breaking the bank for one player and that's it. It's too late to b...
I feel like Rodgers will get the best out of him. He's a good player but needs someone to make him get his s**t together. He's a good striker and LFC was in de...
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