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That whole argument about having to win a World Cup to be considered the best in the world or the best ever is the biggest load of crap I've ever heard. Easy...
1 day ago
@teja, they weren't in English but there are some good highlights on :)
2 days ago
Honestly some of the comments insulting us because we refused to press Bayern while they were passing the ball amongst their defenders doing jack s**t in the pr...
^Yeah seriously. Reminds me of those FIFA goals where you have Aubameyang just running 40 yards in a straight line past Mertesacker to score. Trust me, if T...
Didn't see the game unfortunately, but just watched the highlights. Amazing game guys, especially given how your best player wasn't even playing. Really well d...
Shut up SIF you bitter bastard :P Lol jk mate, i can see where you're coming from. I just checked out the highlights too and thought it'd be more spectacular...
I don't know about Atletico slipping up mate. Everyone has been expecting them to drop points all season, but they keep winning all their games, even the tough ...
Just saw the extended highlights of the RM-Barca game. Man, Bale is out of this world. What a player! Always loved him and I'm so glad he's doing so well for h...
Good for him. I hope he stays there until the end of his career. I'd hate to see Dortmund lose all its stars.
3 days ago
One of our best big game players for sure. Loved 3 lung park! I'm confused too. Is he angry at fergie for telling Park to manmark him? If so, why? It's a nor...
Classy move by the club. Now go out there and win the goddamn league, please :P
4 days ago
I think Riajz went to a footy store no? Then most, if not all shirts are expiring soon and will be out of date in a few months. The funny thing is that this ...
I have a feeling this article would piss me off, so I'm just going to ignore it, lol :)
When was the last time Diaby played? I seriously can't remember. I think the last time I remember him playing was the beginning of last year where was amazing ...
Yeah, it was a big part because both Rooney/RVP were injured that we were able to see Mata-Kagawa play. That said, I also think it's the introduction of Mata...
I think the players feel like since they've already pretended to be hurt, they have to keep going, or else everyone will know they're faking it. What I don't...
6 days ago
So so happy for you guys, seriously! Didn't watch the game, but my heart dropped when I saw 1-0 to Wigan. BFG made up for his tackle in the end! Come on, you...
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