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The worst was their game vs Leicester. Could've had a player sent off and should have conceded at least one penalty.
2 years ago
Yeah, Martial is still a kid, although he doesn't look like one! @SIF the worst is when Utd fans write about him, like they already forgot about him carrying u...
I don't think so to be honest. Martial was the 2nd last player to join the team in training, along with Pogba. He lacks fitness at the moment, but that'll be ba...
Pure luck and nothing to do with skill? It seems like Ronaldo is the only player in the world who scores those goals that require nothing but luck. I wonder why...
The games will be different against the top teams for sure. Today, Mou said that towards the end of the game, the fullbacks were essentially wingers, Rashford/...
@TheCount, you do realize how flattering that stat is for Barca right? The Champions League is infinitely harder to win than the European League (a tournament w...
Oh okay, I wasn't aware of that :) @Shiwa, it's not his fault for sure. I'd take a broken leg any day if it meant me being able to celebrate with Rashford, Pog...
How can you say he scored 3 vs Wolfsburg, and follow that up with "That's anything but guiding his team to CL"? You do realize that those are two contradictory...
Mike Phelan now realizes how annoying it is to get scored on during Fergie time.
One goal and three assists in 4 games is pretty good, gotta admit. I'm usually a big defender of Rooney, but even I'm getting annoyed with the amount of times ...
Isn't it because he celebrated with the fans? That's been a bookable offence for years, just like taking off your shirt is. And I heard a fan's leg broke during...
If I had a shot every time the commentator mentioned Pogba's transfer fee, I'd be smashed by now.
Did Rooney really just lose the ball 3 times in under 30 seconds?
Idk about you guys, but I think we should buy Rafael, and call Scholesy back from retirement and bench Pogba just for the LOLs.
Yeah it's definitely not real lol, although they're probably saying what everyone's thinking, eh Tomi :P
Balotelli can go to hell lol. Overrated as hell, and he's known to constantly insult us. I for one am enjoying seeing his career crash and burn. No team wants h...
I can't watch it on Fridays :( Gonna miss Pogba's return debut game.
I've honestly been saying since LvG's first season that Fellainho is a good player if we use him for what he's good for, and not out of position. He is excelle...
Lol if anyone got Pogba, they'd be celebrating like crazy as well. Plus United hasn't been doing great since Fergie retired, so i think you can understand our h...
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