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Rajmahal supports Chelsea though :P
2 hours ago
Waving our dicks? Can I join in? Oh wait, you don't mean that literally... well then... this is awkward
IYeah I don't know how a lot of us just assume Roma will just give us Strootman. Even with the knee injury, he's still one of their most important players and t...
One of the most exciting for sure. He has an immense amount of potential
3 hours ago
He needs playing time. One of the very most talented players I've seen come out of academy, ever. I really really hope that with all these signings, we don't ne...
14 hours ago
LMAO you can see right through me ;) You think I like praising Liverpool mate? :P Just giving credit where it's due, lol! I hope I'm wrong though!
This is hilarious!
16 hours ago
SIF, I've only seen Strootman a handful of times and I always saw him as a Carrick type of intelligent player who reads the game well. I know he's like 6'2, but...
I agree with some of your points. You are right that football has evolved and that smart midfielders now can beat even the biggest most physical players in the ...
Honestly Liverpool is another team when playing in Europe. Anfield on a Champions league day is one of the most intimidating places to play in Europe imho. I ...
17 hours ago
Gary Neville apparently talked about the possibility of Ronaldo coming back today during MNF and said it's as high as ever. In the past few months, I've lost tr...
@JmesUnited: I'm exaggerating a little but he'd probably cost a lot given he was basically the best player in the world for 2 consecutive seasons. I'd say now h...
And some rivals seriously believe that it wasn't Moyes's fault that we were so awful last season. David Moyes is one of the worst things to happen to this club...
Match of the Day highlights for those who haven't seen it yet. Enjoy! :)
Woops sorry yeah that's what I meant. I thought "Debut goal" meant first goal, my bad. Yeah Ronaldo didn't score in his first game but I remember him tearing B...
^@SIF, because he plays for United and is therefore overrated.
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