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So you're telling me that massive Chevrolet logo that takes the entire shirt isn't nice looking? Well I'll be damned.
3 hours ago
To be fair SIF is just stating facts as well.
6 hours ago
I was thinking the same, Unreadwriter. Pepe is in my honest opinion, one of the most disgusting footballers I've ever seen. Well done to Keita though, standi...
LOOOL it started off so nice and empathetic and then he dropped some cold facts. Gotta love Wenger, that was hilarious!
"You’re never too good for Arsenal and Steven Gerrard knows that. But I can understand completely why he advised him to stay. He wanted to play with him and h...
Meatball is right. For most players, especially those of Latin origin, their biggest dream is to play for Real Madrid and/or Barca. That's why Neymar went the...
7 hours ago
Yeah I'm not very fun at parties :P
8 hours ago
Lol not really, when you guys finished 7th/8th for a few consecutive seasons, players like Gerrard, Torres (in FIFA 11) and Suarez were still highly rated. Don'...
10 hours ago
LMAO lastgraspwinner, that was one of those jokes that is so painfully bad that it ends up making you laugh out loud
22 hours ago
I'd hate to lose Chicha. Despite everything, he player Massive roles in us winning the title in 2011 and 2013 (those comebacks!) Moyes took him from being a fan...
LOL gotta get my eyes checked out
1 day ago
Speaking of being from the future, where's Prophet? haven't seen this guy in a while.
Excuse my language, but this guy is just such a massive c**t. Forget that he's throwing away his football career. That's his choice. But pretty much every year...
Edit: sorry I just noticed MUFC posted the same thing two comments down, I don't know how I missed it the first time.
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