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Why is it so difficult to find highlights?
4 years ago
I couldn't agree more. Prandelli is obssessed with his Fiorentina connections... his only downfall.
What a game. what a f*kn game.
5 years ago
He's loved by many people of many cultures. and you just watched his clip. you're a closet case balotelli lover amongst other closet case issues... not that t...
@ Paulos Elias.. 2 s**t Rome teams?? In 2013: Juve Lost to Roma Juve Lost to Inter Juve Tied Lazio
I hate to say it, but Juventus need a miracle. They have practically no chance. They have to score 3 goals without Bayern scoring 1. And then a 4th goal if B...
I agree with Zizu. As well, nothing about this game was a pain to watch. It was so well executed. It was impressive for anyone who enjoys football to watch Mi...
Did he really say this? that's kind of hilarious
I love this commentator. i will learn arabic because of him.
Wow. this certainly does not disappoint. Real Madrid played much better than I would have expected. They seem more well rounded. The game had equal opportuni...
P.s. torres isn't worth his weight in stale bread. i can't stand him. he's so selfish. played 2 good games, came out and said, "i didn't care about last year....
Wasn't like juventus was playing good football? dude, you obviously only judged from highlights, which still favour juve. i understand you frustration.
Great point actually
Good game. fun to watch. good performance from juve. sometimes shaky defence. lucky not to concede at least one. but certainly deserved the win. chelsea ha...
Very happy to see the young guys pull out a performance like that. well played italy. congrats france. i've always hated playing you guys. there's something a...
Can we get some decent highlights man. roma played so well. i have to figure out how to upload good highlights.
Wow. wow . even though everyone said it i have to repeat it... pogba. wow. that was insane. i haven't seen a player dominate a match like that in my life. go...
This was a defeat for Juve. the only good was coming back (and even that was last second) but hats off to Hansen (Nordjs goalie). Very impressive
If every time dzeko plays he does well. and the team is benefiting from his role as it is. then the strategies around his role on the team are also working. ju...
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