BadGones91 (Alex Laz) 7-1 hahaha sorry zagreb
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That 3rd goal was just the icing on the cake, what is rafael doing lmao great match athletic really provided some outstanding competition and played with such f...
6 years ago
The bad thing now is people probably think that Bayer is a s**t team, they just came up against a human being that isn't really human on a night when he was in ...
Great match and a great advertisement for Ligue 1, but heart breaking for lyon so close but yet so far
Well good result for France but won't be very happy because at the end of the day its only a friendly, doesn't mean anything for anybody lol. In Euro things wil...
Oh no lol what a finish by Robben. Impressed with this New look England even if we lost, they can be very proud of that performance
Well done CSKA. Just watching the match, its quite incredible how quickly RM players surround the ref and how much they dive. I do hope CSKA go through but at M...
Ohhhh nooooo lol that's awful goalkeeping, oh what a horrendous mistake. Poor poor malaga
Come on Lyon and Marseille. I would like the French clubs to do well this season so I will support our rivals Marseille :D
APOEL win??? come on they did well in group stages but they can't hold out forever, you would predict them to win the whole thing!!
God awful highlights!! replays 6 7 times and the rubbish music. And what the heck in that 1st goal, thats awful keeping gosh. Well played Barca
Hahaha no I would of bet Lyon to be as pathetic as usual and lose to Zagreb, but miracles happen. @robbery97 I have no grudge against Bayern, if you think we ch...
Make your comments and predictions but Lyon are gonna buy the champions league this year ;) .....apparently. All the teams that finished top are tough but I bet...
7-1 lalalala we deserved to go through, dinamo were rubbish all this tournament
Ahhh well done CSKA. Inter doing anything in this seasons champions league would be a miracle or Serie A for that matter!!
Awful ref, just robbed off a decent result. Hate it when the refs ruin what should be decent matches of football
Madrid just cannot beat Barca in the league. How long will this league supremacy last?? Barca can win everything again, theres still a long way for the season t...
They say now that even Marseille fixed the match against Dortmund. How far will this French club hatred spread huh?? Oh no sorry French hatred in general LOL ri...
Says the person with no team tag hmmm conspiracy theory fool
The moment when Steinhofer crashed the ball against his own bar gave me a heartattack but im very happy that man utd and man city are both out. Congrats to Base...
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