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I can't imagine AW dragging this in/out saga into July/August. We have to start looking for a new manager if he's going to leave...
2 days ago
Is Ozil even on the pitch? So invisible in all big games.
2 weeks ago
Arsenal is 5th most valuable club in the world, worth $2B. Do you really think that Kroenke will let a club worth $2B rot? I think he'll start acting when thing...
Not offside to me. Ronaldo basically stopped moving the moment he saw he's offside. If you want to rule him offside in that situation you can pretty much entir...
@Chargui actually it's the most common argument of Wenger In fans around here - that given the resources he has, AW has actually been outperforming for years an...
@DaniPak we've spent over 110M on transfers last summer. That's a lot of money that can buy you real quality if spent wisely. Yet our squad got barely any impro...
@Ali I'm not sure what your problem is, your list says exactly the same in revenue column
Here's a list of most valuable clubs in Europe by revenue: 1 Real Madrid $694M 2 Barcelona $675M 3 Manchester United $625M 4 Paris Saint-Ge...
3 weeks ago
@Chargui I believe that *sth* will change when Wenger goes. Either miraculously we get a really good manager like Conte or Pochettino, that can build a strong s...
I'm just curious, is there anyone left on this forum that still wants AW to sign contract extension?
Month and a half? For me it's at least year and a half like that...
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1 month ago
3 years ago
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