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Why is England shocked by this? They beat Holland twice
3 years ago
Out of the 23 Liga titles, Barca won 9 on the last matchday
Prediction: Espanyol attempt to murder at leat 5 of the Barca players. Seriously, it's never fun to play against them. I'll take 3 points and no injuries, not t...
We haven't dropped points to Betis in four years. Hopefully more of the same this Saturday. I love how we are in complete control of how the Liga will end up. F...
Okay. So everyone's talking about how the ref favored Barca.(look at the Real Madrid page) He's my $0.02. -No, that goalline block by Pique hit his chest, not ...
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"Hostility and anger" That is your perception, correct? imo, you should't get worked up over words written on the internet.
What's wrong with having a heated argument? @2muchdopamine
On our next match vs Gijon: Neymar-Suarez-Messi Iniesta-Busi-Rafinha Alba-Marche-Pique-Vidal Rakitic was the only midfielder to play 90 minutes against Depor,...
How do you post twitter on the forum here? :)
What a way to respond to critics and to all the Spanish papers digging into the personal life of the players especially Neymar In the First half was good. The f...
Bravo Alves Bartra Mascherano Alba Rakitic Busquets Iniesta Messi Suárez Vidal Would love to take off Alba but there's not any options. Alves RB because we r...
^That maybe, and some serious complacency. It was always Pep reasoning for leaving that he felt after winning everything, he wasn't sure how to motivate the tea...
Nothing has happened actually. Everything was and still is, SYSTEMIC, both ours and our opposition's. From Jan 2015 to March 2016, we weren't really tested. We ...
Unfortunately my boyfriend is a Real Madrid fan. He is gloating and it's killing me
I'm so sad.. And I can write down all of it's synonyms if I wanna describe my state right now: unhappy, sorrowful, dejected, regretful, depressed, downcast, mis...
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