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4 years ago
Me think Hey123 say this to make himself feel better. Unfortunately Barca fans won't let him get away with that. This is what i called total thrashing...
Still can't believe no one talks about Ebuoue's goal ...that was clssic
5 years ago
Common man Man City and Chelsea have one each....Lol
Chelsea has a problem and not even Abrahamovic can figure it out ....this kind of attitude don't attracts big coach because he will be under pressure to perform...
When the truth comes it's difficult to handle...
I really don't know which to pick as my favorite team in the world ...but with Neuer i might end up with Germany tho. what do you people think?
I've always said this and will continue to say it, AC Mil made the biggest mistake by letting Ibra go. now i can't use the team anymore on FIFA 13 so sad!
He'll be fine i don't think it was anything serious
Lol @Dan2989 I just wanted to share my joy with the rest of football fans ...guess i was way too excited isn't it?
Oh Chicharito! What a hero you are!!!
Dude even the commentators agreed its a common problem among all refs, the question is how to fix it. Too bad it was in such an important game as this.
You can say all you want about bribing the ref or whatever ...did the ref made some mistakes? Yes. Is Torres partly to blame for it? A BIG YES TOO. Go figure...
"The decision the referee has to make is whether the striker has chosen to go down. He was through on goal - I don't know why he has gone down. I think it's his...
LOLZ #SMH# at the losers :)
I'm not whether to cry or laugh....i'm just totally confused as if the game was in my dream LMAO! Common Neuer you are man in FIFA 13!!!
So let me get this straight...Ibrahimovic is gone and AC Milan only has 3 points out of 3 games? And this is the same team that will play in Champs league this ...
Haha I love my Mighty Ibrahimovic! Wouldn't trade him for any other striker on FIFA 12 LOL
I don't know about you, but to me RVP is just as useless as he can be in this competition. He has no drive to even stand up for the team whatsoever. I must also...
Perhaps the best season of the EPL history?
Very emotional watching Guardiola say goodbye to Barca fans...he deserved it.
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