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Come back will.
7 years ago
Yeah, i guess that having children does not make your life a bed of roses, although it does have many advantages. but i like how people in Malaysia choose to en...
The special one looking especially moody...
Mourinho : Ok, let it out now but with your bowel issue, don't leave a mark at the seat of your pants!!!
And of course that bull dog. Between Jerry and him, the dog's the baddie... But that's cartoon folks, not applicable in real life - too bad....
What the..... That's dog poo on the ball!!!!!
Bad guys finish first. Remember your worst enemy who has probably done all the bad stuffs there are in the book and yet got away with it? He's bad enough to che...
More for the personal touch eh, Tony? :) Go green, recycle your used condom!!!!
Care to enlighten what you would like to touch, Jet...:)
How he managed
Money, money, money. It makes the world go round and yet it won't bring you happiness. Happiness can be brought? Notice how your friends and relatives disappear...
It'll be great if somebody invents a portable DNA tracking device - case can be solved in minutes...:)
The power of touch. Would you rather : Anything that you touch will multiple by 10-fold (by pieces and not by size) or Anything that you touch will vanis...
Tevez comes up with yet again another one of his own trademark goal celebration theatrics........
Rooney thinks of what he wants to do after the game before going home.......
Embrace yourselves.... Strong winds ahead!!!
Now that's an awfully big piece of gum stuck on his socks!!
Looks like the jabulani isn't the only ball giving goalkeepers unsatisfying moments...
Maybe this is where the idea of a toilet brush come from...
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