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Pfff ronaldo, messi nothing compared to jason roberts
6 years ago
Rosicky is such a brilliant player a true maestro just needs a real good run
How many italian fans do you think there are in England lol!, seriously common sense
WOOOP just think we will be enjoying ozil for atleast another 10 years
Why do people keep doing those annoying pun things, manure and such its so stupid and childish
I think thats unfair, the fans havn't had a go at kean for a while with all protests before games targeted at venkys, atmosphere was positive for the last few g...
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OMG woooooop!
Junior hoillet Qualifes for England fingers crossed
Pfff wish we had played henley at lb instead of pedersen, kean was taking a huge chance by playing peds at lb so he might aswell of played henley if he had we m...
Not true, a great coach who has won everything, he has been out of the game for many years, but came back with an Ok team, this isn't his team yet, but give him...
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Oh god :(.......
I never boo, and most of the fans don't, but it is easy to say don't do this or don't do that when its not your club
Jesus that match was foggy
Luis suarez plays for liverpool and manages honduras wow he is hella good multi tasking
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A better player have you been in a cave recently?
I have feeling that wales will make it to 2014
Its fred
For me Uruguay are better than brazil atm
Yeah they were not setting the world on fire but it was a great night for england's defense, england were missing alot of important players , rooney, terry, ger...
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