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8 months ago
My italy squad for the world cup... goalkeepers: buffon, sirigu, marchetti defenders: chiellini, bonucci, barzagli, abate, criscito, de sciglio, ogbonna, rano...
AzureDream just became a Rival of Spain
AzureDream just became a Rival of England
AzureDream just became a Rival of Germany
AzureDream just became a Rival of Barcelona
AzureDream just became a Rival of Chelsea
AzureDream just became a Rival of Manchester United
But should be ranked 2nd!... its complete garbage that england are higher than them!
2 years ago
Prandelli's italy would of slapped up new zealand so bad
More alternate formations... buffon maggio - chiellini - barzagli - criscito de rossi - pirlo - montolivo cassano - balotelli - giovinco or buffon p.cannavar...
The azzurri for euro 2012 in my opinion should line up this way. buffon maggio - chiellini - barzagli - criscito de rossi - pirlo - aquilani giovinco balotelli...
This one will be italy's... been decades,about time now
Thats the classic "fear"...talking there simoney
The italian team i'd like prandelli to take to euro 2012 should be... GK: buffon,de sanctis,viviano/marchetti DF: chiellini,ranocchia,bonucci,criscito,maggio,...
3 years ago
Who asked u?...stick to england's page
Lucky uruguay
I just have to that "nextfifapres"...poor moaner,all he can do is moan,he'll never see the silhouette of a trophy textbook example of envy
We're back in business and up in the top 5 again! forza azzurri,euro cup's ours!
Lol...typical epl comment...just cant handle seeing italy win...gtf outta here loser
And you will be "darning" more soon bluddy nazi! forza italia
Wrong video...sodface bring your slocrappia...prandelli's azzurri will murder them anyways
You ignorant twat...balotelli is not here becuz he broke the rules of the azzurri by being red carded in the europa league!
Pathetic german sours...get over youselves...typical forza prandelli
Says swineflyer the kraut...obviously you would love the ref...maledetto mangiapatate
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