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Hugo Sanchez y Nery Castillo una arma peligrosa. Tambien y si se queda H. Herrera Pachuca va a ir lejos.
6 years ago
Yea hopefully arsenal sells him for a fair price and dont put a ridiculous high price tag on him just to keep him as a bench warmer and waste his talent. By the...
Vamos Baja California.
Dammm GOLLAAAZZZZZOOO!!! Vela's second chilena of the season.
C'mon Agirretxe score the penalty or let Vela kick it. They would have won the game.
Those were nice goals by Vela.
That was a nice goal by Vela.
I agree but if Wegner doesn't give him minutes he should stay at Sociedad.
Listen, english is my second language and I don't care if someone has a problem with my grammar as long as they understand what i'm trying to say, and this is n...
Hopefully Vela scores againts Real Madrid. He already scored againts Barcelona.
Backup he has been on reserve until recently. Tottenham is a good team with or without Gio.
Or put him on loan.
Since Gio has being on the bench for a while he should worth less. They should of sold him to sevilla.
Gol de Hector Moreno.
Put Maza Rodriguez on the starting Xl.
Why dont they give Giovanni Dos Santos more playing time, his a very good player. If the Spurs dont need him they should sell him. Dont put his talent to waste!...
Goooooooolll de Carlos Vela.
Vela stay with real sociedad. You're the best.
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