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Badboo (Badboo) from Town, Irl
Barca10messi (Nitin S Bharadwaj)
Complet footballholic!!! barcelona is the BEST & do visit free live sports:)
BenBro (Ben Brosseau) from Edgewater, USA
I graduated from Salisbury University, I was born in Surrey, England, now live in the USA here in New Jersey, just moved here from Maryland, and I am a die hard Liverpool fan. W ...
BenJones (Ben Jones)
Bhojan (BHOJAN GURUNG) from Jordan, Hong Kong
BigShel (Sheldon D.) from Unionville, USA
My home club is the Philadelphia Union. My home brew is Yuengling Lager!!!! My second favorite sport is women's pro beach volleyball!
I've been a fan of Milan since i was in primary school. Dad is a fan and he always watches Milan's games whenever those are broadcasted. It was the colour of their kits that attrac ...
BlackSun (Michael)
Hello and welcome to my channel! I am from Canada and I really love football. I have supported the Arsenal since I was 12 years old. Through the years football, and Arsenal, have b ...
Boblic (Sofia Okashina)
Bonekha (Mohammed Al Fahim)
Bren82 (Brendan) Ireland
Steven Gerrard by Liverpool FC Staff on Mon, Oct 14, 2013 at 12:15PM Read more at: ...
Buxter (Alessandro)
Calmedmind (Kjell Hansen) from Seattle, USA
Caniago (Candra Budiman)
Chanman (Channing Hilliard) from New York (Manhattan), USA
Hi, I'm Channing I live in NYC (the best City in the world) and I work as an Analyst for a bank. I'm first and foremost a Bayern Munchen fan, also a fan of Chelsea FC, and the New ...
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