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Thats not really the answer we were looking for but the incedent was mild so I'll overlook your arrogance. You will be on probation, you will see a slight delay...
10 hours ago
With no intention of breaking the rules, I can't promise something that I might break myself. Let's just let the rules run its course. Ps. I aim to stay in th...
12 hours ago
I agree with you the person you got tangled up with wasn't exactly being friendly. His comment was arrogant, but not against site rules. He never called you out...
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Azeal Sitting down, no pants.
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Alright, I probably need that. If I make your life difficult, do no hesitate to remove me. I admit I have the impulse to go an eye for an eye for things that I...
I'll add this, you're on the other end of the coin from the last time I spoke to you. Right now you are in what we call a status timeout. You should know better...
I am just pointing out that there was no need to insult someone's lifestyle, I went to use his gesture on him and now I'm a criminal ;)
I appeal, although I didn't offend anyone and the remark didn't even seem to offend the person I was supposed to be branded of offending. However, the almighty ...
I'm putting you on status, I've had complaints about you in the past and I covered your back becouse of appreciation of your contribution to the lfc page. I wou...
1 day ago
1. 6 2. might get higher depending on how Ferminho performs in the next few games. He had a great cross in which Teke failed to nail; From a distance that a 32m...
He's a great player, everyone can see. He's also fortunate to be in a great great team that allowed him to win trophies.
Now this is scary.
We still have Sturridge?
2 days ago
Will we have Hendo and Lallana back next game?
3 days ago
We didn't "win" it was indeed a draw. Arsenal doesn't have 2 regular CBs, we came close but Cesc was playing under 2 viagras.
Azeal thought the Liverpool v Swansea City match was awesome
8 months ago
1 year ago
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