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Not saying Heskey's shouldn't have been one too, but how was Spurs' not a penalty?
6 years ago
^ I would say 8) is much worse than 7)....
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Hoping for the best
Everyone overacts when they actually get hit. Bale's dive was far more shameful...
I still can't believe some fans are so incapable of impartial viewing. It was so obviously not a red card that you must be seriously deluded to think it was. N...
It's a fair point and a very close one to call, but like the commentators said - if you aren't certain you can't call it...
7 years ago
Wenger. What a f*****g bad sport.
Please explain when we got help from the ref. Our penalty was a clear foul. Klose's dive was a joke.
Agreed, Sandro was a stand out
Terrible decision. Barca were by far the better side, but you still hate to see that kind of call...
You can't complain about those penalties they were both fair. Unlike the blatantly wrong offside call. Newcastle could've won the game. Arsenal's first half wa...
I think the people who say Japan was awesome didn't see the actual game - they were second best for most of it. Australia didn't make their chances count though...
Maybe don't post your opinion on a public site if you don't want people who disagree to comment on it
Muscat is possibly the worst bloke in Australia.
Could have been so many more! both teams were lucky and unlucky really
Great fun to watch. Fury's defense was non-existant but Adelaide played very well all game. Nikas' goal was class too.
Couldn't agree more. Lennon was excellent and Bale just unlucky today (though the penalty was a bit average and no follow-up!) Crouch also had some good moments
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