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Anyone have a live link to the game?
2 years ago
Yeah, two of our goals were offsides but so were theirs. That still leaves us with a great second half and a victory.
I think you're right. With so much talent of course it's a question of getting the system to work. I just hope we do that before we start bleeding points away
4 years ago
We have a lot of talent on the pitch but it's been poorly coordinated at times. hardly anybody is taking the initiative when it comes to attack, perhaps Townsen...
Andreas Villas Boaz Welcome to London
5 years ago
Good luck Rafa, you will most certainly be missed!
Another sun has set and still Luka modric wears a spurs jersey. :(
I hope AVB has a different attitude about the Europa league than Redknapp did. I think it's b*llsh*t to say we deserve better we've ended up there 2 seasons in ...
My opinion is he was definately a positive. I'm just worried that we'll settle for him and find someone mediocre instead of capitalizing and finding a great sta...
So does Adebayor being back mean we don;t sign another striker? He was not bad but I'm not sure he's good enough to take us into the C.L.
Congrats on the win and good luck with the rest of the season. It was a great game. Ben Arfa was all over the pitch giving us headaches and Ba's goal was pretty...
I've never seen a game we lost that encouraged me so much. Very interesting to see the chemistry of this new team we've put together. No blame on AVB.I heard th...
Jermaine defoe!!
Can't complain Defoe and Bale have both hit the crossbar. They have already taken bale to the ground 3 times and generally we have played better than they have ...
Bale will be playing up front with Defoe. I've always favored him as a winger because it gives him a chance to use more of his vast array of skills. Very intere...
We don't need a decent striker. We've had decent strikers. Defoe is a decent striker. We need a WINNING striker and in the past two seasons, Levey has delivered...
Why are all these Redknapp videos on our page?! if anyone still cared what he thought he would still be manager
I have to agree that I think Levy is making a mistake by not accepting Real's offer. The goal should be to get modric out as soon as possible to get a quality s...
Can we please get rid of Modric already and move on with our lives :/
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