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Hows my red friend from down under... big day tomorrow. beat the bitters. YNWA
2 years ago
2 cool votes for you :)
These riots better not puck up the season, because I'M PUCKING PUMPED.
Hey, they've only had it for 19 seconds.. once Fergie's gone, no way in hell they'll keep us off for 19 years.
Http:// ^ Tell me that's a joke. Please. That kit wouldn't have been announced yet anyway?
HAHAH at one of the comments below "Fernando Torres won't find this video because he can't find the net."
Don't worry at all, I was just trying to help find out who was hassling you, nothing more. No-ones being kicked off the site!
Manuinoz, arsealldaway - You mentioned those accounts. That Manuinoz is familiar, hasn't that account been around for 6+ months/was around for awhile
..That is actually, IMPOSSIBLE. I mean, I.M.P.O.S.S.I.B.L.E I live with my younger brother who was sleeping at the time, as it was indeed, 4am in the mornin...
Wow! So your bro is causing all the mayhem. That's sad.
3 years ago
That comment that I posted, which you thought was directed you was a mistake. :P I put ^ to refer to Wengarse's post. But by the time I wrote that out and hit ...
As an extra point to note, two previous accounts (Manuinoz, arsealldaway) which were warned by us for harassing you in the past are also on the same IP address....
Heya, you seemed to be getting into quite a horrible argument with the Wengarse account. He shouldn't have brought up Hillsborough. Here's where it gets weird....
Edited by staff.
And after all that, it is 4am. Goodnight all’ YNWA
Please don't strain yourself with your shocking attempt at a comeback, Daffy.
Yes Daffy, it shall be fun! ..Watching you lot go home empty handed again. I mean, atleast when we're there, we actually DO something.
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