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Abir (Irtiza)
I love hunting, fishing and football. So every day I want do hunting fishing and football all day every day! When I go hunting I enjoy hunting rabbits, pheasants, quail, ducks, t ...
Ant (Anthony Scally) from Wellington, New Zealand
ArsenalFC11 (Arsenal)
Ben (Tarek Ben) from New York, USA
An avid Arsenalist since the french era began in the late nineties. I fell in love with the way football was played at Arsenal. This has inspired me to attempt to replicate this be ...
Boblic (Sofia Okashina)
I moved to Miami when I was 4. I still speak French, I refuse to lose it. I visit my family in Paris when I can. I like to just hang out with friends. I go to Miami University. I h ...
and Canada
Dinglehater2 (Jordan Adams) from West Bromwich, England
The name Dingle refers to a family of ugly fat crooks who live in a shit-hole and are always causing trouble. The perfect description to an average Wolves fan.
Dougie27 (Dougie) Canada
I started watching Arsenal as a really young kid and couldn't stop; I just felt a special connection with the players, fans and the club as a whole. Arsenal have always been a t ...
Typical uni student, that spends weekdays workin/studyin and weekends steamin at random club after a good old arsenal game ofcourse!
Gooner1998 (Jibreel Moore) from Toronto, Canada
My first account was created on march 5th of 2011, the account perished, so I absorbed it. Now I have 4 kidneys and 4 lungs to abuse I love Arsenal the most Always have, Always ...
Graham (Graham Newman) from Chichester, England
Been a gooner since 1988. originally brought up to be a portsmouth fan by my pompey loving dad. my fathers family are londoners and most are arsenal fans. first season i supported ...
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