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5 years ago
He's probably been the best keeper in the world this past season. I don't think many people were predicting that coming in
6 years ago
I love how Liverpool gets a better rating than Chelsea lol. Both teams were great but in the end Chelsea was good value for the win. Congratulations and good l...
Good point. It annoys me when people say Messi is terrible or ineffective for Argentina and that he can't perform without Xavi or Iniesta. The reason that Messi...
Absolutely ridiculous comment. You are judging the standards of the league's officiating based on one game. The EPL (like the Bundeliga) is an awesome league wi...
I didn't realize there was a new ball design. Was that just brought in this season?
Well I hope you realize that no intelligent football fan would be criticizing Messi too much after that missed penalty. I think it's obvious-whatever team you s...
Barcelona is the best club team in the world but la liga is boring because it has become so predictable. For Barcelona 5-0 is almost just a routine win. And to ...
As a United fan I was hugely disappointed with our performance although winning is the main thing. Chelsea on the other hand did quite well and it was nice to s...
Good point. However you have to realize that the political situation in most African countries is pretty dire. Frankly getting better at football is not really ...
At what? Certainly not scoring goals.
Like what you have to say but just one question; aren't Rangers leading the league in Scotland by quite a large margin?
Messi may yet become the best player ever.
Don't know why Barcelona fans continue to deny that their league isn't competitive enough. While Barcelona is the best club team in the world right now, la liga...
I don't think it's really funny anymore to call Cristiano gay. I mean, just ake a look at some of the women he's been with
I watched the first half and was totally frustrated with the way united was playing. I don't understand why they're having such a hard time with minnows. Mind y...
You're wrong (just had to say it)
I think it was a joke
Nice finish Badstuber!
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