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Ya celebrate guys...funny thing is the most you will see is a CL final. Bayern or Madrid will take this one. Absolute s**t soccer...park the bus boot the ball ...
Di Matteo the greatest coach of all time
People who have no idea what is going on in soccer, watch highlights and come post comments here acting like they know everything
Your right that's what it shows... It doesn't show that Man United (1st place team)got kicked out of the Europe by a team from the spanish league
All you care about is revenge? why dont you be happy about your team squeezing will make it to the Final...there is absolutely no chance you will ...
-Barcelona played BRILLIANT! -When we were up 2-0 why could we defend for a bit before attacking right away? why didnt Pep try to play on the counter as well. I...
4-1 Barcelona at the Camp Nou and u can take that to the bank!
I don't think the spelling matters...Chech or Cech u know exactly who he's talking about. 2nd...outplayed? sure...i guess we will wait for you in the second le...
Barcelona beat your best team 3-1 in a maybe your teams suck
You would like that would you? A Chelsea vs Bayern final?
I don't think the Chelsea defending was exceptional today. Barca still created the chances at goal just lacked the poor finishing. Peter cech played unbelievab...
Payback for what?
-Marcelo should've gotten a straight red! -Robben,Ribery, lahm excellent game...Gomez played great too because he was creating the chances. -Benzema worked so...
Not happening sir
1)Relax, you guys have had countless calls to your favor this season. 2)Looks like la Liga is yours this year...enjoy but im happy we're making you guys sweat ...
@ACM77: your right we shouldnt dive for fouls because it ruins the game...and what does this do to the game? i would give a straight red card for this challenge...
Real Madrid is filled with divers and cheaters. You don't believe me watch this video and...
Ya we are a team thats going to fight till the end and We will make you work hard for every point till the end of the season and Our Coach Pep will outplay the ...
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