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Robert green just sucks! or has terrible bad luck!
7 years ago
Haha I'm glad you enjoyed it despite some letdowns :) yeah your right Brazil is hosting the next WC ;) and I'm still around on footytube once in a while, just n...
Haha 1459 left till the next world cup...I think your team is hosting it, haha yup, minus the FIFA refs, the dramatic act of being hit on the field by...
Hey Can't believe the World Cup is over... I hope you enjoyed the games, its been fun :)
Aww sorry about Portugal, it would have been nice to see Portugal make it further.. and I miss seeing C Ronaldo's antics haha always entertaining.. and I'm on t...
Hi...long time no see, haha I was recovering from Portugal's unfair loss(they played shitty as hell)...but i'm glad Germany(my other team) is still in it =) Ho...
For all of you who underestimate and hate on Germany...hahaha! I knew from day 1 that Germany would be the world cup finalists and i'm sure they'll. I don't wa...
I love you villa
Wow, i was looking for 5-0 defeat but 7-0...damnnnnnnnnnnn What surprised me was that when North Korea played Brazil they lost (2-1). Nevertheless, I knew they...
Wow...a yellow for klose really? ...really ref?...refs been paid under the table! He knew if he kept Klose, he would've scored
8 years ago
She looks related to the new james bond, haha
I was just thinking the same thinking...that was a retarded form they played by; 1st game need to panic yet
Spain had every chance of scoring quite a few goals but didn't capitalize on 'em..switz did!
Hahahaha...too funny!
I don't mind being substituted in the place of Nani =) P.S. Damn, we were so close to lose...when Drogba came in the last minute and took a crack on the goal I ...
Hmm.. to tell you the truth I was not satisfied with the overall performance of Brazil today, however if you look at it this way.. The Koreans had such an amazi...
Sooo....hahaha How about them Brazil? man...they would've lost but N.Korea played defensively the whole 1st half if they played the whole game as they did in th...
OMG!!! Portugal's facing Brazil? Ok...I think you should call the ambulance cuz i'm 'bout to get a heart attack, haha p.s. I don't really like C. Ronaldo cuz ...
Haha, you're right! Sry i got back to you late...i was still recovering from losing my mind because Nani isn't gonna play for Portugal(my team). haha
Yup you make a good point! It don't matter how many good players one team has, its how they all work together as a team. Take Germany, they only got 2 or 3 star...
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