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I love to play music. I play Drums, Bass, and guitar in that order. I love going to concerts. I also like to hike and be outside. Footy is great too.
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Ehh let me know when he scores a goal that actually matters.
1 week ago
Does anyone know a good website where you can buy previous jerseys? I wanna buy an 08/09 jersey. I just can't bring myself to buy another jersey with Qatar on t...
6 months ago
He could be a fan of both, nothing wrong with that.
I don't know what is worse, seeing iniesta holding a 49er jersey with his name on it or seeing the treble with their 5 Superbowl trophies. Sorry if my European ...
Thanks St1or! I'm hoping my parents have it on their TV. I can't freaking wait any longer.
8 months ago
Finally found it. ESPN2 if anyone is in my boat. Now I just gotta find a way to watch it!
Anyone in the US know what channel the game will be on? I can't seem to find it anywhere.
There is no way I could ask for work off to watch a sporting event here. I will just have to download the match and watch it later. Radio Barca will have to do ...
11 months ago
Pogba has Real Madrid or PSG written all over him. Danilo on the other hand, would be a great signing.
Karma is right. All is square now.
1 year ago
Normally I would say that no player is bigger than the club. Based on what this board has reduced the club to and how poor of a coach Lucho is, I am fully behin...
Your attack is looking so fierce right now. James has placed some beauties and benzema will get on the other end of one by the end of the game. Cheers.
Wow that would have been a beauty of a goal. A bit of luck there.
What an amazing finish. Sooooo clinical!
Seriously this is intense!
It would be more ideal if it was on Sunday. I'm sure your team isn't sweating it too much. Just another challenge.
I would prefer Rakitic to Xavi. We need all the pace we can get and his defensive skills would help. Xavi would be good to come in if we are having trouble cont...
I really do think cesc will play better in Chelsea's system but we will see if he can break his streak of poor form in the second half of the season.
I think this is what we expected to happen. No real surprises here.
2 years ago
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