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I love to play music. I play Drums, Bass, and guitar in that order. I love going to concerts. I also like to hike and be outside. Footy is great too.
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I am so jealous you got Alexis! He is one of my favorite players and he will thrive in your team and in the PL. I can't wait to see how ozil and sanchez link up...
3 weeks ago
Still a penalty in the box none the less.
1 month ago
Poor mexico
I'd much rather hear the typical "soccer sucks" kind of statement. What a disgrace. They probably bought those jerseys after the cl final...
I'm at work right now, but I'll add you as soon as I'm back at home. It'll be fun to play a game or two (or three) against you :) Maybe I can test out Malygos o...
2 months ago
I keep looking out for you on When you get a chance add me. My email is
Jordan, if you see this, don't forget to add me in Hearthstone. I've just opened the most amazing pack and would like to test it on you :P Just add me with my e...
Hey mate! I can't find your battletag; it's definitely not Askepios :) Add me if you like, the e-mail I used to sign up is ''.
I believe it is just Askepios. I could play sometime between 5:30 to 8:30pm (my time) 1:30am-4:30am (your time) If that doesn't work I would have more time on a...
I love hearthstone but I am super casual about it. I haven't b been paying ranked matches and only go to the arena when I have enough points. Its a really fun g...
1-1 is way better than 0-0 on the away game! I think that this will bite you guys in the ass and you will wish that he went a tad more aggressive with his tacti...
3 months ago
If for some reason Messi was force out because of the board, it would be mighty hard to be a fan of this current club. I doubt it will happen though thankfully....
I like AMP better.
Wouldn't expect it Hikmat! haha. Good luck guys! Honestly if anyone can beat Bayern over two legs it's Madrid.
I read that courtois can't play against Chelsea because of a clause in the loan. Is this true!? I also read that uefa doesn't follow these clauses. I think atl ...
Hahaha sooo stacked! I often forget about Tevez while thinking about their attacking power.
There have been a few jokes about messi on our end. People who say Ronaldo just score penalties and tap ins are just haters.
I hope Carlo lets him rest. I know he is important to catch back up to barca but I would hate to see him have a similar situation to what Messi went through thi...
Does England have to follow these rules as well? I feel like we can't be the only club doing this? What's wrong or shameful for giving kids an opportunity to gr...
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