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And I love you for this:
5 years ago
Barca, I love when you do such a good things, inspire children, give them hope! Do not betray this path..
I just hate him .
SoccerJam u are forgetting to mention Ronaldo tnx to his leg muscles...That is edge of Arrogance.
That's His Highness Arrogance My Friend, the very thing that makes us look like damn asses.
Hm hm, chelsea-malaga-shakhtar
We Never Been Boring Vilanova...keep it in mind, We have been victorious, I assure you every team out there wants to be continuously winning "boring" team as Ba...
Great Job Malaga!
Don't get me wrong we still need CB, I will be happy to sell Pique, he is not consistent and that is bad especially for defencer.
Dani is still good, Dani from the right and Jordi from the left plus our centrals will be disaster to encounter
Mascherano yellow card again, yeah we definitely need more attacking players :D
Shakhtar you are not a present! Good job!
We should get rid of Valdes by buying New Keeper, and start to time to time change Valdes in the games. Then I guess Valdes will work on himself harder or New G...
Here whole match:
Ola Spain!!!! Here we come!
6 years ago
Somewhere on FootyTube
Oh yeah, they have Soldado!
Just saying...
Hm-hm Messi is only 24 and he is already one of the greatest!
Man be fare, second goal was something!
Are you high?!! awesome!!
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