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@Franky4fingers I think it would be more appropriate to judge a team separately in each competition due to the emphasis that is placed on them respectively, an...
We can both play the 'if' game, but with all due respect, I don't have the motivation to delve too deep into that kind of discussion at the moment. As for you...
SanchezAlexis, when a club signs a new manager who plans on implementing a different way of playing football coupled with some new signings, 'transition' is the...
St1or, whether you choose to accept my opinion or not, at least understand the point I'm trying to make. First and foremost, nowhere in my response did I disc...
By the way, Bayern Munich had some difficulties the season prior to last. Didn't look nearly as commanding in the group stages, and only really destroyed Juvent...
1 day ago
I think you slightly misunderstood. This is what I said: "They shouldn't be used as template so often since most of their game-winning matches weren't based of...
Atletico Madrid's title-winning run was an anomaly. They deserve every bit of credit for winning the league, but it was an anomaly regardless. They shouldn't be...
When Real Madrid played Barcelona in the league, they made the mistake of trying to play a pressing game using a 4-3-3. Problem being was Barcelona would always...
Here's mine. It was quickly thought up so I've probably overlooked a thing or 2. ...............Diego Lopez............... Carvajal....Varane.....Ramos..Coen...
Well St1or, it depends on perspective. If we solely assess players based off of last season, it would be criminal keeping Luka Modric off this 11. These line-...
Gareth Bale looks like he'll have a good season. He never had the opportunity to have a preseason when he first signed, and this obviously played a part in his ...
2 days ago
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Real Madrid definitely get a portion of shirt-sale proceeds. The rest go to Adidas. Shirt-sales alone won't cover the transfer fee of said player, but if the ...
Yes, I was wondering whether 'theory' would be an appropriate term. I included speculation in my response to make things clearer. Maybe 'conjecture' would have...
6 days ago
But isn't claiming that 'superstars' will have issue with the idea of being rotated just a theory as well? Or more appropriately, just speculation? If a playe...
James Rodriguez signs for Real Madrid and suddenly everyone is an expert on this club... Real Madrid struggled with injuries more than anything last season. It...
One variation of a 4-3-3 (2 advanced CM's and 1 DM): * The order of option is taken into consideration. For example/ . Carvajal is the likely starter, and the...
Is it just me, or is Footytube not functioning properly?
1 week ago
Florentino Perez is a major component of why Real Madrid is so financially stable despite participating in such bold transfers. He's competent when it concerns ...
@Crxxx I will not mistaken your comment as "trolling" or "jealousy". I think it was just ignorance on your part, and being led astray by the wrong people... I...
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