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S**t comment
6 years ago
Who cares about your bulls*it rants. Someone just put up a link to a good bloody video of the game which works. Goddamn it!!
Somewhere on FootyTube
Agree! Somehow also when things don't go right for Mancini he explanations make it sound like we should all sympathize for him.
Maybe your team Liverpool should go for him based on his form and considering how crap Reina is these days
People stop uploading videos into Dailymotion. Put it up in MySpace!!!
Somewhere on FootyTube
Contact The Guardian. I think their HR recruits any wannabe Journalists with a High School diploma.
I think your comment is by far the silliest!
The world needs more people like you :)
What are you talking about? Liverpool have some of the best talent in the EPL. Obviously its not being put to full use, but this all depends on their playing st...
Someone please put up the 20 minute highlight so I can see how crap Liverpool played
Ha ha ha. Someone needs to show this bloke a few clips of Messi and Ronaldo.
What a thrashing! Robben looked like he was about to overdo his run towards the end. Good he just squeezed that one through
Is Boas sacked yet?
Top quality HD highlights. Good one uploader!
What a Classic elclasico!!! Man Real had some awesome chances. Wish there was a 20 min video to watch this.
Who cares?? A goal is a goal. Ronaldo does a good job at scoring penalties and wins games for the team.
Oh Please not SAPO vids!!!
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