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Rationalisations, rationalisations everywhere. Why are you people so unwilling to accept the premier league just isn't quite as good as you think it is?
4 days ago
I cannot believe anyone is defending the barnes tackle. He went over the ball and followed through when he easily could have pulled out. It was deliberate. If y...
1 week ago
Is anyone seriously getting offended by Penaldo? So sad how this site has become a banter free zone. y u no like banter?
1 month ago
Has Lucho proffered any explanation for why he felt it was a good idea to bench Messi et al when they just had two weeks off and the team had a great opportunit...
Yeh exactly. Current system offers no deterrence, as players know there's a big possibility that they won't get caught diving because refs are just guessing and...
3 months ago
After the shockingly bad decision to book aguero for diving yesterday, I think its time for a new approach to dealing with simulation. It seems that much more o...
Yes! Totally agree. I was getting really annoyed watching that with them calling him 'embarrassing.' What did he do apart from trip over which any one would do ...
Quizzed about whether he would choose to leave or whether it would happen because of someone else’s decision, Messi added: "Yes, I have said it many times. If...
I would argue to the contrary. Coutinho, Sturridge, Mignolet good signings and too early to make a call on any of them, but Lallana, Balotelli, Moreno all have ...
4 months ago
Its completely different because it isnt managed by a clueless diego maradona lol
7 months ago
Ekoj, why do you hate Messi? Because by leaving him off your shortlist, when hes on the official shortlist and single handedly dragged argentina out of the grou...
I actually think liverpool not winning the title is one of the biggest tragedies to befall football in recent memory. Would have been nice to see a combination ...
9 months ago
I am astounded that people are saying that wasn't a penalty. Azpi lunged in from behind, didn't play the ball and his trailing leg tripped Altidore. And under F...
10 months ago
This might sound a bit harsh, but honestly Alfrodo you sound come off as a moron when you criticise Messi. Who are you to tell him how to break down a defence? ...
FIFA Rules of the game- Law 12- Fouls and misconduct-A foul will be awarded if a player kicks or attempts to kick an opponent. The Betis player clearly kicked ...
Maybe not kick a player on the shin in the penalty box?
The hypocrisy of some (not all) of the real madrid fans on here is quite incredible. Surely the reasonable people amongst you must recognise that the Ronaldo an...
Martin tyler and Garry Nevilles commentary After the clear penalty on messi: *after watching several slo-mo replays showing that it was a pen* City has got away...
I'm not one for conspiracy theories, but i don't think i've ever seen 3 penalty claims be not given like that before. Can be no argument that the first 2 were n...
1 year ago
By calling for Moyes sacking many of the 'fans' on here are confirming the assertions that many people make about united 'fans' ie. That they are not really foo...
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