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If you are messing up below knee with a waist, there is no reason to argue with you
@Pukaki, I have seen your stupid comments and double standards quite a lot. First of all, Luiz elbowed Rafael, so that foul should have been called before. Se...
Not a red card, any way you look at it LUIZ SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN YELLOW FOR ELBOWING
@Peter007 of course you are going for Bayern, cuz this Dortmund team swept aside your Real Madrid. Should be feeling bitter haha
How come Gaitan's high boot kick on the face of Fenerbahce's defender is not a foul worth of any card, and Nani's high boot is red card? This inconsistency in r...
Million times better than Çakir. imo he got most of the big decisions right. Didnt do anything stupid, just let the players play. In any small fouls by Dortmu...
Are you retard or sth? What are you talking about? It was a clear penalty, no question. If you want to talk about wrong decisions by referees, then talk about y...
Yeah, thats true But what makes me think that it will be the case is that BVB is not AC Milan
Hehe, you are probably disguised RM fan
BVB's game is just a beauty to watch
But for different reasons )
@Fabricass haha, I doubt you watch EPL games at all.
I can watch this over and over again, never get tired
Dear Mr. Carlos Tevez, I am happy to inform you that the manager of the Greatest Football Club who is called by the name of Sir Alex Ferguson revived today. I u...
Also, Song leaves Arsenal and wins the La League Title ( apparently)
@CSKA1948SOFIA Oh yeah, then let all players bite each other. It's only a bite, it cant cause anything
Still think SAF should have brought in Cleverley or Nani instead of Giggs
No, just 6 more wins :) We should make sure we win all of them, and beat a record
Dont understand these people who voted United as rubbish
That challenge by Aguero was soooo nasty. Although it wouldnt break David's hip or anything like that (but definitely can tear hip muscles ), it was so ill-inte...
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