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4 years ago
Yes, ref is blind because simply this is not ManUTD!
6 years ago
Somewhere on FootyTube
Yes, you provoked him well and you are disappointed now from him for not shaking hands with you. Well done (Captain)!
How could Arsene Wenger doesn't think of Ribery for the summer?
Even if he couldn't see it, the assistant is there to tell him, it really weird!!
Totally agree with you Valijon85
Yes he is PERSIsting well
What a crazy match this was! I enjoyed every minute of it, well done gunners and congrats to RVP for his first triple this season.
Totally agree with you mate.
Is there any explanation for refrees making decissions against Arsenal?
@Adebayor: as usuall..
Kocielny is a crap as well, but is better than Djouro for sure
Great display from the youngsters, 2 points to learn: 1- Djouro shoud never play again. 2- Arsenal to focus on Bolton's match and make use of this victory's...
8 Goals + 3 hits on the Posts = Fantastic Exhibition!
It really hurts!
Good lesson for the defensive side of the team and I hope it was a good lesson for Wenger as well!
Excellent come back, keep it up Gunners!
This is simply Arsenal, you can see the same performance at the end of every season, when experience makes the real difference....
7 years ago
Gunners! Keep Consistency Please!
Somewhere on FootyTube
So frustrated news! why all that bad things are happening to Arsenal every year?!
Don't worry guys, the league this season is unpredictable, we will get it at the end. Vermalin is on the way back, be patiant Arsenal fans!!
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