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Thanks for the add,John,hope you have a grande time on footytube!
8 years ago
2 cool votes for you!!!! Thanks for the add....please vote for me too yeah, wanna get rid of my rude status, thanks boss
Haha the coach of Brazil made a terriable mistake. to much experience on the field to just waste!
Horrible goal keeping on that first goal, he lost his line or somthing. But a beautiful finish by davis..
I'm planning on becoming a full time watcher of the MLS this season, but its like starting all over again. I know the name of only one player.. But it will be a...
Haha well Macb1312 they made it very close to the NFL (National Football Leauge) and thats how they set the season up like that. They tried to make it as close ...
Yeah, and Italy is!!!! not...
I would say that The Liga BBVA teams spend more as of late than any other leauge.. And Italy is?
Great game
Lampard would make a really great captin. An awsome game to watch, never got boring. cant explain how much of a great season Chelsea had.
Such beautiful play today, just like Arsenal should play.. Could work on a few things but i would have to say great finish to the season. Now, World cup time!!!...
You said it! good end to a lonnnngggg season
So did you guys.:D
He is really good, but i dont think i want him at arsenal, unless he learns how to pass. If he tries do all that dribbling against someone like ferdenhand, or j...
Even if they where tap in, someone as beastly as Dragba has to be there to finish.. But they all look the same on paper, and 5 years from now no one will care h...
Haha Hitch i agree with you. I think Ibra is a great contribution to the team.
Haha if we got rid of Fabergas i think Wenger would have alot to explain. He is what holds the midfield together on most occasions.. On the other hand im a fan ...
Messi is some kind of man beast.. Just ready to see what him and Tevez can create in the world cup.:)
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