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4 years ago
Just a side note. God help whoever is in their Champion's League group stage. You'll be shooting for second. Would be fun to see Barca vs Bayern again though. W...
Oh ffs. Here we go. It's what we all feared. BarcaMunich. 80.9% ball possession!? Are you f*****g kidding me!? Note Bayern always do have more possession in ...
I watched both games in their entirety and without a doubt Messi was the weaker of the two. I thought he was hiding in the fields with his Pepsi-Cola in hand. A...
5 years ago
Real madrid went 4-1 hell of a ride
Well the one playing right now isn't too bad...
6 years ago
Angry lmfao!!!
After the game I was salivating at the thought of all these pathetic "Barca Fan" comments. Just classy all round, cheers mate lmfao!!!!!!
Always great to see true Barcelona fans that take losses like men. Terry shouldn't have been sent off, Messi was about as effective as my grandmother's loose de...
Somewhere on FootyTube
"It was a staggering piece of stupidity from the Chelsea captain who, for no apparent reason, kneed Sanchez in the back just outside the area with play going on...
Platini wants Bayern Munich vs. Barcelona. HUGE flow of profit will be made; Barca has the highest bandwagon rate so more people will tune in or fly over to see...
So an aging Chelsea that was better in 2009 beat a stronger Barcelona who is better than they were in 2009. Well suck it Barca.
Somewhere on FootyTube
You're hot.
Who else smells the distinct smell of spot kicks in Barcelona's favour in the near future?
The point I'm making is that Messi is a player that shines in 1 specific league and Ronaldo kills it wherever he goes. Messi international is not worth watching...
So an aging Chelsea that was better in 2009 beat a stronger Barcelona who is better than they were in 2009. Well. One word - good.
WTF?! Manure get a penalty in a game???!?!!!!
I don't care for the Ronaldo - Messi debate but until Messi steps out of his comfort zone and dominates with another team there is no argument. Ronaldo owned Po...
Despite the refs making mistakes every game I do not want technology brought into the beautiful game. Go watch handegg or softball for that s**t. Whats the poi...
Surprised nobody is talking about the Van Persie-Caldwell handshake at the end of the game. It may be perhaps people come onto footytube and talk s**t without w...
We'll see how Chelsea fairs in their next 5 games :)
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