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Playing football, having a laugh with mates, just genral soicalizing with friends family and meeting new people.
Exeter City, Spurs (i turned up to my trial at spurs in a arsenal shirt lol)

The way corrupt billionaries are choking the life out of the sport i love.
Semi-Pro (Midfielder) Plymouth Argyle Under 16s
Hi there, my name is Arron. I play for and I'm captain for Plymouth Argyle under 16s. In september I'm starting work as a apprentice pro. I've had trials for Spurs, and Arsenal at the moment, and have to one's due with Liverpool, Rangers and inverness. I love to play football and I do hope I turn in to a pro one day.
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I'm finding this so funny. All of you think your club is sold. It's not been sold. They've only just contacted the FA to be allowed to sell it to the American g...
3 years ago
Hopefully RVP gets form back because he has been shocking ever snice he's come back.
I've actually just nearly died. I went in to the Man United chat, and my god they all think they know about football when they havent got a clue. I be honest I ...
You're all stupid. 90% of English clubs are owned by......guess who....English people. Arsenal aint even owned that's why we make a profit cause we only pay out...
No point pretending, and sayin you are..
Are you anywhere on that team?,,10364~2084672,00.html
Lmao Xavi to busy licking Cesc ass
Indeed, they worst thing is even if this team don't win the world cup 90% of them will be in the 2012 euros and 2014 world cup as there all about 22yrs old.
Sneijder got 3 goals now.....he could win the golden boot. I'm glad Holland won just because I hate seening the same teams win. I'm routing for Argentina though...
Lol prostyle doesnt have a iq of over 10 so ignore hime
Vela isnt that great at the moment but I hope he does play well, I'm slighty jealous of United signing he looks good so far.
I do hope we make a few more signings, due to Campbell going to celtic maybe....
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