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Dont agree with this at all, id put rooney in the same category as a player like giggs, scholes, he wont go anywhere else apart from back to everton at the end ...
8 years ago
IM FIRST!! IM FIRST!! now ill go easy on you cos theres plenty more where this came from
Just 1 knee for you nicky, we wouldnt want grandad pullin a muscle now do we
This will be the last time you ever slip my sister a finger
Wenger couldnt stand to watch any longer and decided the only way out was to chloroform himself
Bono willingly tied the lace of the shoe that would "hopefully" later shatter his jaw into a thousand peices
I should win this caption just for saying 3 words...".its danny welbeck"
"dunno why theyre makin me carry these bloody gloves, i feel like a plank, im not gonna need em"
Please princess Fiona!.... i promise ill never touch donkey again
My best friend and my wife once shared a baguette this big
Everyone only finds out now about vidic's deep supressed hatred for midgets, when he spots the umpa lumpa in the front row disguised as a man u fan
Now now donovan.....maybe you'll make it to the premiership in another lifetime, as for me im off to milan in a few days ( big grin)
Im with you on this 1 eric....lets also not forget sir alex is pushing 70 odd, and if he wasnt a genius he'd probably be a referee aswell instead of being the m...
Cystal palace vs sunderland 1st and second leg in the playoffs. in the 1st leg we snatched a 90th minute winner this was then followed by a pitch invasion which...
Nothing else beats this anywhere else in the world, just watching it still sends shivers down my moment in football ever in my andy gra...
Watch messi shine in that game, he's not big and flash he knows what he can do and he does it well almost every game. Also retrace your steps to the last time t...
Cech sagna, vidic, terry, evra gerrard, essien, arshavin fabregas torres, rooney not to mention lampard, ballack, drogba, anelka, robinho, ferdin...
Sorry i seem to remember forlan and rossi not being good enough for the premiership??? also it just shows the standard of other teams when a player like kanoute...
This isnt really a giant killing but more a giant surge...Wimbledons amazing run in the late 70's and early 80's which saw them reach the old 1st division after...
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