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Gotta love/admire his respect for brandon rodgers when he hugs him after the goal, real class, real joy to watch.
Not bad, not bad at all...
How nice for the Turk to link up with the Armenian like that LoL
Liverpool.... the most unluckiest team EVER... it's like watching a drama... How the hell can we dominate every game and still end up draw or lose... ?
5 years ago
Why the F#@k would you sub out Suarez for Carroll???? stupid moron... made the entire creative and attacking game go away and completely made the team fall appa...
6 years ago
The second goal started with henderson's pass to suarez though...
Screw the fans that think Liverpool is racist. The whole world is racist, wake up and smell the coffee you retard. This all goes to Evra ofcourse, and I dont ...
As a Liverpool fan though.... i did not mind At ALL for losing this way. RVP is a BEAST... hats of to Arsenal, the fans, the goalie, and RVP of course. I love w...
It's f*cking Charlie Adam... every time the bastard touched the ball, at the end of his play i was like: "you F**king MORON!"..... I think they need to get his...
Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh baby! watching this game was like watching porn... Carling Cup is a done deal, FA cup is going to be ours too... Please keep this form and settl...
Poor David Luiz must have s**t his pants seeing Cavani running after him/ball during the last goal. His like..."hmmmm....f'k it i aint even going to try, dis mo...
Damn I love watching Liverpool play these days.... I freakin cant wait till next weekend!!! I had to watch Ukrain vs Uruguay to watch a lil bit of Suarez...
How can anyone not admire a team that consists of suarez, cavani, and forlan up front... not from uruguay, but i'de like to say that they are my favorite team.....
Remember guys... Only reason this sport is not big in America is because they cant RUN the stupid Commercials! every 3 minutes like they do during baseball, foo...
7 years ago
The main question is.... Did Liverpool even want to win this game? Seemed to me like they were a snake playing with a mouse. It looked like they didnt even wa...
I cant stop watching these damn highlights and listening to the commentator's/crowds reactions... My team is turning into a BEAST in front of my own vary eyes.....
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