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Playing with only 5 from the starting 11, adding some players that even came from relegated clubs or 2.bundesliga teams.. still deservedly winning against the e...
5 years ago
Thanks for accepting request!!! 2 cools2u!! :D
Oezil,kroos,mueller,reus,goetze,schuerrle, guendogan,marin etc.. all 23 or even younger! still more u21 to come like leitner, draxler, holtby, herrmann, yesil, ...
I agree to you Vitruvius. schuerrle didnt use his chance today that well. he stuck to his side, being pretty predictable in his actions... reminded me a bit of ...
Thanks man!
Its just you :D
In the first place podolski has a great shooting technique and pace, but lacks the ability to play a good role in passing combinations and creating chances.. bu...
Great game! Loved how the team moved, rotated very much in midfield and created chance after chance, against a greece that didnt plan to do anything but destroy...
-------------Neuer------------- Boateng-Hummels-Badstuber-Lahm ---Schweinsteiger-Khedira------ -Müller-----Özil---------Reus/Schürrle ------------Klose(!!!)-...
I totally agree... thats the only thing where i have to critize loew as well... his changes within the game are without doubt uninspirational und his only big p...
Yes, but he played RB in training and loew was very impressed by him.
Http:// ;)
That look of Guardiola at Bellarabis Goal 8:38 :D
6 years ago
Guys, dont blame Leno. Yeah, he had a poor poor game, maybe he s**t in his pants or something because it was his first big game in CL. But he's still a quality ...
Nothing to be ashamed of ;) It's not a well known fact, because the first game of Germany after the war wasn't against Ireland but against Switzerland. The matc...
I like those green dresses. Its retro and we won many titles with green. Its the color of the DFB and yes, some of you stating that it reminds you of ireland ar...
Yeah, agree, French are back in the Top 10. They can beat any team on a good day.
Had a bad feeling about this game even before the match. Without Lahm, Schweinsteiger and until his substituion even Müller we lacked 3 of our 4 key players. O...
Well.. It's simply lack of organization and ideas... They pass the ball, but without a playing style idea.. No creativity, nothing.. No will to run, press or an...
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