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Thank you very much ^^ the best is a bit exaggerated, but i think we could do more than groupstage in the next years if we stay together (what i think we will b...
6 years ago
Fantastic goal by schlaudraff!!
No you are right.. thats the problem for some time now.
Of course we should at least try! But im not so sure if we can get him. He is chased by many top teams right now and it will not be to our favor in his decision...
Netherlands without van persie,van der vaart, robben.. germany without schweinsteiger and lahm.. nearly equal? who else was "b-team" on your squad? :D
Müller, Özil, Klose what an amazing game... So good.
Yeah looked like he was singing in a london pub :D
Wonderful, just wonderful. Thats why i always preferred Klose over Gomez. In the first goal gomez (if he would have stood there at least) would have taken the...
Mertesacker and höwedes didnt play.. podolski,müller and schürrle all just played like 20-30 mins.. khedira 45.. so its just kroos,özil from your list..
With this formation we would lose our domination in midfield, i hope we stick with 5 midfielders.
I guess it will be a very tough game, maybe a draw or slightly win.. we wont be testing that much as against ukraine, but schweinsteiger, klose and lahm are mis...
Just click on the daily-motion highlights on the right and you can see our awkward formation :D /edit ok i see its standard now if you click on the match, isn...
Yeah you are right.. i can understand and fully support testing a new system, but it only makes sense if you play with the players that are actually going to pl...
It was the youngest team that has ever played for germany since the war. :) average age was 23,X (dont know the exact number)
Well, dont forget Ozil is 4 years older than Mario. Thats a lot of time and experience. You can argue about whos better at the moment or something, but fact is ...
I think loew just wants to have options to change the system within the game, f.e. if we are 1 or 2 goals behind in a game and need to come back, its a system t...
Of course he is not, i doubt he will even play a minute in euros and im not a big fan of him but still i can give credit to him for a good game ;)
Yeah ok he came in in the 66th minute ;) but it was already 3-1 there and because of his and podolskis substitution we came back with the 3-3
What a bad game.. loew tried a new system with 3-5-2, which was in fact more of a 3-6-1.. that didnt work out at all... and with a lot of keyplayers missing/not...
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