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Anyang wrote in On Bjortas wall
Nu börjar du få lite poäng iaf, the Fab man gjorde ju hyfsat ifrån sig i CL också :)
7 years ago
That's horrible, hahaha
8 years ago
How is that Not a red card! A seasons suspension would be the correct punishment! Awful
How a match can shift. Arsenal looked like amatuers the first 20 minutes and still they pulled of 2 goals. I got to hand it to Almunia, he's the reason arsenal ...
Inter showing strong form. Hopefully they can keep delivering in the CL tournament. Eto'o is playing better and better and from what you can tell from the playe...
I think the cap against aresenal will be epic. Fabregas vs Barca and Henry vs arsenal, high drama.
Tactical triumph for Inter, Malouda's weak defending was noted and delt with and they got the most of that flank. Two central defencive midfielders was a great ...
What a game, classic derby emotions. Rooney is on fire right now, love the Tevez-Rooney battle as I see them as two very similar players
Would love to see some indivudual training videos, I bet they all have their own way to keep their form(not rehab as in this video though) with different exerci...
Keita's strike deserves to be first, Alves' goal was a misdirected cross. Clean goal by Cristiano though
Nani's got potential, I think he has to work on his mentality to be able to deliver on a regular basis though. Seems like his mind has been elsewhere this seaso...
Ronaldinho really personifies football to me, you see the joy his whole body expresses when he's on the pitch and the lightness of heart that smittens his team ...
My opinion of Rooney is that he is irreplaceble for Man U, the work he puts in for the team in the defence is priceless and on the top of that he is a frequent ...
Sadly though it all boils down to having the financial stability to get the other pieces of the puzzle together. The main point ís of course keeping the player...
Hur kommer det sig att du har så mycket fan valuation?
If that back heel to Capel was deliberate it's a fantastic play. Messi should really have scored one
Keep it up! That 4th place is in reach
Van der vaart would be a poor choice, let him stay and put some gravel in reals machinery :)
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