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Thomas, Javi and Jerome till 2021 and Xabi till 21017 :)
1 month ago
Oooohhh I love that game even though it was a friendly :P 3-0 was the final score! and last goal was Muller-Ozil-Klose combination :D It was great :D
4 months ago
Excellent! -_-
So, Gerd Müller has been suffering from Alzheimer's :( This is so incredibly heart breaking. I don't know if you guys have seen anyone who is suffering from th...
Anubhz updated their profile
5 months ago
I mean tbh I don't see the transfer it true MU willing to pay 85M for Muller?
Me too. But then again I think what if this is his reaction to whatever he has faced during the process? There is a probability that he didn't expect the way he...
7 months ago
Can't find the link which said 14 mil. Here is the telegraph one though.
Basti to Man Utd for 14 mil is apparently done deal. Do you guys know anything? I'll just die :(
SCHwienaISNDIASDNFger rofl xD
9 months ago
Brazil did f**k up a penalty shoot out in last Copa America....can't remember against whom. I never thought I could see worse than that! Well life is full of su...
We are crushing themmmm!!!
Staring XI against Porto. Neuer - Alonso, Thiago, Lewandowski, Rafinha, Boateng, Bernat, Götze, Lahm (C), Müller, Badstuber Bench: Reina - Dante, Pizarro, G...
Is benatia injured? Nice! -_-
10 months ago
5th death anniversary of Robert Enke. :( Hope you've found peace.
1 year ago
^hahahhaha xD
Considering that Valencia's tackle on Boa wasn't a 2nd yellow how was Basti's one. well whatever, home game to be played with us having an away goal and Dante ...
Wasn't it like last month we claimed bundesliga title by Basti's backheel against....whom... Frankfurt was that? And now we have clamied the title once again. M...
Basti, Ribery, Pizarro, Shaqiri, Holger. And Mandzukic and Contento didn't go to Moscow, I am assuming they have minor injuries.
2 years ago
And he scored a goal to cover up all the s**t! ;)
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3 years ago
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