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4 years ago
You're right wigman. Good highlights, good goal. In line with defender following the other striker. dont know who he is, I imagine is Johnson. Anyway, no need t...
Are you blind? that ball was not played backwards, the defenders are behind Landon, and of course the goalkeeper is in front of him, that the case in most offsi...
That third goal was offside. USA has a great team though. Think they could far next year in the world cup.
Doesn't anyone see that it hit his head first, and THEN it bounced to his arm? which deflected the ball at the feet of Boateng? Milan played far better, and the...
5 years ago
Bunch of horse crap. Whole tournament is arranged to have a Germany vs Spain final. How did that referee not see that goal???? How in the world did they miss th...
I lost respect for him when it became evident that he is an arrogant child. But both of you make a good point.
I dont speak whatever language these highlights are on... but you can tell the audio is hours behind what actually is going on the picture. who's in charge of u...
6 years ago
No need to insult guys, and it's obvious they wanted real vs barca at final, just how they wanted spain vs brazil at the world cup final, but they obviously did...
@ luisfigo. no i'm not angry barca lost the liga. i dont make any money whether they win or loss. i just love the sport, and hate how arrongant Ronaldo is.
I know, everyone expect and wanted to see madrid vs barca. and if that had been the final madrid prob. would've won cuz barca is not at its best this year. i th...
I just gotta a question, seriously i didn't watch the game. Did Ronaldo gesture with his hands 'to calm down, i'm here' after he missed the penalty?
Since this video edit sucks. can anyone tell me why was barca third goal no good? was the guy really offside? don't take me wrong i just wanna know, im not tryi...
Yeah, that was very - very - very painful. i must admit. especially because that is messi's specialty.
Dude. this highlights are terrible, you can barely tell what's going on. anyway, barca fans: I'm a barca fan as well, but you have to stop saying this was 'luck...
I sorta heard on espn about them having a fight too. but i saw pique warming up so he probably could've played. and i think pep should've put his personal feeli...
Good clean win by madrid. if xavi had no missed that clear shot on goal messi set up for him it might been a different game. but barca just ran out of ideas by ...
I think barcelona is just mentally and emotionallyt exhausted of having to keep up with the last three awesome years they had. you can't tell they're drained. i...
You're right. playing tello was the mistake that cost them the game and the league title. from minute 20 of the first half i new he needed to take him out.
Are you serious diego? england has the best and most exciting football league in the whole universe.
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