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See him do what? what a rip off!
6 years ago
Argentina has been sucking a lot lately at international play, just look at the recent Copa America.
Fabian Goal of the WEEK!!! Amazing!
He's the only person that's surprised too when Arsenal does not win any trophies.
@MadridistaCF "henry and trezeguet, viera were not playing in the 1998 world cup that they won" Yes they did play in the 1998 World Cup. Trezeguet and Henry s...
Unfortunately there isn't a future for most of the Mexican kids because of the terrible system they have in their league. Sometimes(or more like most of the tim...
It is funny considering they are playing against Malaysia XI
Mexico's goalkeeper has the slowest reactions. It looks like he dove after the ball had already gone in! Well done, but they should have let the other Keep pla...
It didn't matter whether Berba or Chicha started in the CL final; the team wouldn't have been able to give the ball to Berba anyways just like they couldn't to ...
"Giggs: Tearing you apart since 1991" What a goal by Park!... its a shame I can't vote for it!
Aguero was impressive with his super sub goal against Bolivia. Lavezzi starting over Aguero and the disappearance of di Maria from the starting XI is inexplicab...
Once again you guys have failed to show how Mexico would "struggle" or be "just like the rest of them". I have always stated that Mexico would NOT struggle and...
Its the norm for Messi fans to criticize one of the world's best (Ronaldo) when their "messiah" can't produce quality football for the national team. Messi des...
@Sebparedes "chill out man, we're just stating opinions, you don't have to take every comment so seriously..." There is a Reply button for a reason. Some peopl...
@Jkiller "no, in english colUmbia is a district. the country is spelled colOmbia" I think most people in America wouldn't know the difference either, even thou...
@JKiller "you fail to realize how good south american countries are" Right... they are so good that Columbia struggled to beat an under-22 Costa Rican C squad ...
In la Liga, you either keep up with the 600 game pace or go home! The best month last season was when Real Madrid and Barcelona played against each other 42 tim...
@fuzzycholo that Maxi Rodriguez wonder goal seared into my brain after Mexico was eliminated. Amazing golaso! It will be the biggest embarrassment if Argentin...
Considering this was Costa Rica's under-22 C squad from CONCACAF and considering how people elevate a team's status of football simply by association (CONMEBOL)...
@OKComputer-- "but if you think that Mexico is above CONMEBOL class, please think again" PS: I also NEVER said Mexico was above the CONMEBOL. Please show me w...
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