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9 months ago
Antenna25 wrote in Somewhere on FootyTube
Lol, each season every1 hopes we do a Liverpool.. haha
1 year ago
Lol, have u seen the Man. Utd. lineup? they've got 11 players injured!
2 years ago
We wont lose thats for sure, and yeah, i am pritty sure arsenal would play better in that group, Shitty just doesnt have the experience. Say what u wan but that...
Lol Allan? i don't see anything in Darkarsen's post that is aimed badly towards him, he just said he is a joker from the bench, what's wrong with that? sorry bu...
3 years ago
Lol no, u shud buy some glasses, the pass was intended to go from Sammir to Rukavina, not Tomečak like u thought.
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